Thor: Love & Thunder’s Natalie Portman reveals what story is based on

Thor: Love & Thunder's Natalie Portman reveals what story is based on
Jane Foster is Lady Thor from Marvel Comics. Pic credit: Marvel

Thor: Love & Thunder is in the works and there have been plenty of photos released from the set.

Among these photos are ones that show the Guardians of the Galaxy with Thor and others that show Thor dressed in what looked like his Thunderstrike outfit.

However, from the sound of it, the real meat of this story is about Jane Foster and her turn as Lady Thor.

Natalie Portman talks Thor: Love & Thunder

Natalie Portman spoke with Yahoo about her role in Thor: Love & Thunder and revealed it is indeed about her becoming Lady Thor, a very important storyline from the comics.

“I’m starting to train, to get muscles. If there can be all these female superheroes, the more of them they are, the better it is,” Portman said. “I’m trying to think — it’s based on the graphic novel of The Mighty Thor. She’s going through cancer treatment and is a superhero on the side.”

This means the exact storyline from the comics will play out here.

In those comics, Jane Foster ended up with cancer. However, Thor became unworthy to lift Mjolnir and Jane ended up lifting the hammer and becoming the new Thor, while Thor Odinson continued his journeys without Mjolnir.

The one problem is that every time Jane became Thor, the godlike powers would cleanse her body of the cancer-fighting chemo drugs, which meant every time she became Thor to help the world, she was killing herself slowly.

As a small spoiler from the comics, Jane lives and after Thor regains Mjolnir for himself, she ends up becoming a Valkyrie, making her relationship in the movie with Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie an interesting one to watch.

A new Asgard in Thor: Love & Thunder?

There were also some new photos released from the Thor: Love & Thunder shoot that makes it look like a new Asgard is being built.

The new photos from The Daily Mail indicate that it looks like a new Asgard is being built, and considering these are gods we are talking about, it looks like Thor might be getting a new home while Jane gets her powers.

Thor: Love & Thunder is currently shooting in the First Nations of Australia, which is where it seems Marvel is moving many of its production sites to.

Chris Hemsworth returns as Thor, Natalie Portlam as Jane Foster, and Tesse Thompson as Valkyrie. Also returning are the Guardians of the Galaxy while Christian Bale joins the MCU as Gorr the God Butcher, the villain of the movie.

Thor: Love & Thunder hits theaters on May 6, 2022.

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