10 Reasons The Movie Let’s Be Cops Doesn’t Make Sense

Let's Be Cops 1
Damon Wayans Jr. as Justin and Jake Johnson as Ryan in Let’s Be Cops

Let’s Be Cops is about two friends pretending to be police officers, but the makers didn’t necessarily do their own detective work when it came to analysing the edits — as a string of mistakes and inconsistencies still kept in.

The movie is a comedy about two friends named Justin and Ryan who are down on their luck. Justin fails to pitch a video game about cops to his employer, but when he and Ryan dress up at a college reunion party in the costumes he used for the presentation things start to get funny.

They then decide to continue the charade and, as could be expected, things get out of hand when they are faced with real criminals.

But you don’t have to be a cop to work out that a lot of what takes place in the film is implausible. Here are ten mistakes and inconsistencies that crept in.

10 Justin got uniforms that fit him and Ryan

Justin’s pitch for his new video game was about players dressing up in uniforms so they could get into character while playing the game.

But he conveniently had uniforms that fit both him and Ryan’s body types perfectly. What are the odds of that? The pair are not the same size or height so how did he know to get uniforms that fit them so well?

Justin’s uniform even has the nametag “Chang” and he makes reference to wanting to meet the 6’1 Asian guy who can fit it.

If so, why does it fit him so goddamn well? Even if Justin had intentionally found a uniform that he was able to fit into, it’s incredibly unlikely that he also found one that would fit Ryan perfectly as well. But, it seems, he did.

9 Justin missed a meeting and wasn’t fired

Justin had an important business meeting that he was meant to attend, with an email saying everyone had to be there. And when Ryan called him up to get him to go out and pretend to be cops, Justin hesitated at first.

He knew the meeting was important and didn’t want to miss it. For some reason, Justin re-read the email and then decided to skip the meeting. If everyone had to attend the meeting, it must have been important. But Justin was able to miss it and not face the consequences.

His boss was not the understanding type, so it was a surprise that Justin was able to keep his job.

8 Why were Justin’s co-workers against cops?

When Justin pitched his video game idea, his co-workers were less than thrilled about it. None of them supported the idea, but it wasn’t that bad of a game!

He barely explained it before they were against it. As soon as they found out it was a game about cops, they decided they didn’t like the idea. But there was no explanation as to why they all didn’t like cops so much.

They certainly didn’t look like the type of people who had run-ins with the police so why all the hatred?

7 When did Justin and Josie start dating?

When Justin saw Josie at her restaurant, he was afraid to talk to her and Ryan had to push him to chat to her so they could get together.

Once she found out he was a cop, she talked to him, but the next thing you know they are suddenly together. When did this happen?

When did he get the courage to ask her out when he needed Ryan to give him the courage to chat her up? Once they were together, it was as if they had been a couple for a while — but he didn’t court her at all.

He didn’t even ask her out on a date. Together after just one scene? Hmmm.

6 Justin looks nothing like Pupa

When Ryan and Justin were trying to solve a case, Ryan apparently noticed that Justin and Pupa looked alike and said he thought they could be brothers.

Pupa was a criminal working with the guy they were investigating and was Hispanic, while Justin is African American. They look nothing alike.

They are not the same height or weight or complexion. Even with dreads and tattoos, they look nothing alike. The people Pupa worked for were also convinced that Justin was Pupa, but he didn’t even sound like Pupa.

They must have been smoking something stronger than Meth to think that Justin and Pupa looked alike.
Let's Be Cops 2

5 They were able to get away with being cops

People that Justin and Ryan stopped on the street believed that they were cops and just did whatever the pair told them to do. Again, the people who worked with Mossi (one of the guys they were investigating) also did everything they said. Justin even had them dancing around and they never suspected something was off. How many cops would ask people to dance like strippers?

4 Where did Ryan get the money to buy the car?

Ryan bought a police car online but he didn’t have a job and was living off of the money he made when he did a commercial two years ago.

However, we know he only made $11,000 from it and had to live off of that money for two years.

The police car was most likely expensive so where did he come up with the money? He also had money for the shield to put on the door as well as a police scanner.

It also didn’t take long for him to get the car so he most likely spent more money to get it delivered faster. There’s absolutely no way he was able to afford all of that.

3 How was Ryan able to afford to live?

This is a continuation of number 4. How was Ryan able to afford to live in his apartment? He only had the money made from his commercial, which he apparently blew on the car and the extras for it.

Perhaps he was living off Justin’s money? But Justin is a video game assistant and was embarrassed to say what he does, so he most likely was not making that much money.

Even then, how could they both afford to live in a two-bedroom apartment in LA on one salary?

Justin doesn’t even question where Ryan got the money to buy the car even though he is the one taking care of the bills.
Let's Be Cops 3

2 The cops weren’t suspicious of them

When Justin and Ryan see the police, the officers are never suspicious of them. The pair act guilty when the police approach them, but they never suspect that something is wrong.

When they go with the police following a robbery, they don’t know what to do. They end up losing one of the suspects and the cops barely react to it.

One cop watched them run away when they were supposed to help find the perpetrator who got away. Justin even admits at one point that they were pretending to be cops, but the cop laughs it off as if it were a joke.

Who jokes around like that? It doesn’t say much for the police department that no one checked them out and just accepted them as cops.

1  Justin and Ryan’s ages

Justin and Ryan’s ages are not consistent. Justin said he and Ryan agreed to leave LA and go back to Ohio if they didn’t make it by the time they were 30.

Justin said they are 30, and also told Josie that he is 30. But later on in the movie, when someone checks their IDs, they say they were born in 1980. If that’s true, that would have made the pair 34 and not 30. Does the movie take place in 2010?

There’s no title card that says it was 2010 in the film, so it’s safe to assume that the movie took place in 2014 — when it was released.

Notice anything else that didn’t make sense in Let’s Be Cops? Give us the heads up in the comments section below.

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