Entertaining Christmas cast: Jodie Sweetin and Brendan Fehr star in festive movie on Hallmark

Brendan Fehr and Jodie Sweetin as John and Candace in Entertaining Christmas
Candace gets into the Christmas spirit with John. Pic credit: Hallmark

Entertaining Christmas will debut on the Hallmark channel this week. It is slated to be one of the best new movies introduced for the 2018 season.

The movie is centered around Claire, a woman of many talents (think Pioneer Woman) who is contemplating retiring from the busy life. Her daughter Candace (Jodie Sweetin) is the next in line for the domestic goddess throne. Unfortunately, she isn’t equipped to step into her mother’s shoes.

After getting a request to help a young girl prepare for her father’s homecoming, it is decided that Candace will go instead of Claire. This is her one shot to prove that she should be the new face of the brand her family owns and while there, it looks like a love story is in play with John (Brendan Fehr).

Jodie Sweetin as Candace

Probably best known for her role as Stephanie Tanner on Full House and subsequently, Fuller House, Jodie Sweetin has been acting since she was just a little girl. Aside from the iconic role, she has appeared on Dancing With the Stars and Hollywood Darlings, both reality-based shows.

There were some tough times in life for Jodie Sweetin and she has been quite open about her struggles during and after her time on Full House. She is a mom to two girls and has been working hard for the last several years.

Last year, Jodie Sweetin debuted in her first Hallmark movie, Finding Santa. Taking on the role of Candace was something special and watching Entertaining Christmas will bring her fans plenty of joy.

Brendan Fehr as John

Viewers may recognize Brendan Fehr from his various television roles but most notably his time as Drew on The Night Shift. He has also appeared on Roswell, Bones, and Longmire. Fehr recently directed The Ugly Christmas Sweater for the Lifetime network.

In the role of John, Brendan Fehr will find love with Jodie Sweetin’s Candace. Their chemistry through the movie is pure, which makes the viewing experience even more special.

Entertaining Christmas airs Saturday, December 15 at 8/7c on Hallmark.

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