Coraline won’t get live-action reboot, author Neil Gaiman assures upset fans

Fans of the animated film Coraline don’t want a live-action remake. Pic credit: Focus Features

Fans of the dark fantasy movie Coraline (2009) have been assured that their beloved animated film is not getting a live-action remake.

The reassurance came from Neil Gaiman, the author of the 1992 novel of the same name on which the 2009 animated film was based.

Neil Gaiman took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to deny the rumors that emerged on Twitter earlier this week that there were plans for a live-action remake of the animated movie following the success of recent live-action remakes of animated Disney classics such as Aladdin.

Before Gaiman came out to deny the rumors, hundreds of fans of the 2009 film had taken to Twitter to react to the rumors about a live-action remake of their favorite animated film.

Most fans were not thrilled about the idea and said they did not want to see a live-action remake of Coraline.

Many Twitter fans added that they would rather see Part 2 of the original animated Coraline film.

Since Neil Gaiman was forced to take to Twitter to deny the live-action Coraline rumors, some have been asking how, where and when the rumor started in the first place.

CNET suggested that it probably started after a Twitter follower of Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler) suggested that the actress would be a good fit for Coraline in a live-action remake.

The comment apparent sparked Twitter chatter about a possible live-action remake of the original animated film and the chatter snowballed into rumors that one was being planned.

Coraline follows a young girl who moves with her parents from Michigan to a new apartment in Oregon.

She finds a locked door in the living room which is bricked up. But when she later opens the door she finds that it leads to another apartment in a parallel universe (the Other World) where she meets the Other Mother and the Other Father who give her more attention and care than her real parents.

Despite being warned by her strange and eccentric neighbors, she decides that she wants to leave her real parents and stay with her Other Parents forever.

But she quickly regrets her decision.

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