Ad Astra after credits scene: Is there a post or mid-credit scene after movie ends?

brad pitt in sci fi thriller movie ad astra
Brad Pitt is astronaut Roy McBride in the sci-fi thriller Ad Astra. Pic credit: 20th Century Fox/YouTube

The new movie Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt blasted into theaters on Friday. It features a star cast along with the Hollywood A-lister, with Tommy Lee Jones, Liv Tyler, and Jon Sutherland.

This is a sci-fi thriller that many viewers will be heading out to theaters to see Friday and over the rest of the weekend. However, some may be wondering what it’s about, if it’s any good, and if there’s any Ad Astra post-credits scene after the movie ends.

Ad Astra synopsis, trailer, & reception

In the new film, Pitt portrays an astronaut named Roy McBride. He’s gone on a journey to find his missing father somewhere in the solar system. While he’s at it, Pitt is trying to solve another mystery which is threatening Earth’s survival. Along the way, he’ll also “uncover new secrets” challenging the “nature of human existence and our place in the cosmos.” So it packs a lot into its two-hour run time.

Here’s a look at the official Ad Astra movie trailer to give more of a feel for the brand new movie from 20th Century Fox.

The movie has gained a great overall rating through Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer. The website collects overall reviews for films and gives a percentage score out of 100. After 171 critical reviews, it holds an 81 percent on the Tomatometer. Only a few audience reviews have trickled in at the site, but they’ve been generally positive, with a 75 percent score.

What about Ad Astra mid- or after-credits scenes?

Sometimes, moviegoers can stick around to watch for special scenes. These include both mid- or post-credits scenes after a movie ends. For example, a lot of Marvel’s superhero films have them to set up another movie or give fans a fun scene.

Unfortunately, Ad Astra doesn’t have mid- or after-credits scenes to wait around for once the movie ends. There hasn’t been any talk of a sequel to set up, but that could change based on a film’s success at the box office. Just look at how many Fast and Furious movies have been created.

With that in mind, some viewers may want to stay through the end credits if there are any heavy themes to process from the movie. There are also viewers who may want to know more about the people involved in the film or hear music from the soundtrack. Otherwise, once those credits start to roll, viewers can head home, go out for a bite to eat, or journey to their next destination on the planet (or solar system).

The new movie Ad Astra is in theaters now with a PG-13 rating and running time of 124 minutes.

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