10 things you didn’t know about Disney movie Frozen

Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen
Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen. But did you know Elsa has more hair than Rapunzel?

Seen Frozen? Seen it multiple times? Think you know everything there is to know about the blockbuster film? Betcha don’t.

Here are some fascinating facts you probably didn’t know about the blockbuster movie that’s captivated young and old audiences everywhere.

10 They almost didn’t build a snowman

“Do You Want to Build a Snowman” almost didn’t happen.

One of the film’s songwriters, Bobby Lopez, told a Reddit audience the scene almost wasn’t included.

“It was so nearly not in the film, but I love it. It took so much work to construct, but was well worth it,” Lopez said.

True, it must have been tough to get that much exposition into a three-and-a-half-minute song, but without the song, Frozen would melt.

9 It’s authentic

Norway’s architecture, geography and artwork inspired the creative team. While preparing to make the movie, Art Director Mike Giaimo led a team on a research trip to Norway.

There, they examined fjords, traditional Norwegian artwork and the castles.

In fact, the characters’ clothes feature rosemaling – Norwegian decorative painting – and a castle in Oslo inspired the design of Arendelle’s royal palace.

8 First time’s a charm

Frozen was co-director Jennifer Lee’s first directorial debut. Before this movie, she’d never directed before, let alone worked with animation. An added bonus: She wrote it, too.

Lee was the first woman to write an entire animated screenplay for Disney since Linda Wolverton did it for Beauty and the Beast in 1991.

7 Second time around

Both Indina Menzel (the voice of Elsa) and Kristen Bell (the voice of Anna) auditioned for the role of Rapunzel in Disney’s Tangled.

The role ultimately went to Mandy Moore, but both women made impressions on the casting director who saved their audition tapes and submitted them for Frozen.

6 Must have been a crowded soundbooth

The principal actors recorded their voices together, unlike most other animated films where voice actors do their jobs miles away from each other.

Recording together allowed for greater chemistry between the characters, and the film’s animators used videos of the actors’ performances to develop characters’ expressions and gestures.

5 Give our regards to Broadway

To capitalize on the movie’s success, Disney is putting together a Broadway version of Frozen.

No cast members, opening date or other important details have been announced, but the film’s songwriters say Kristoff will get a longer song. Perhaps a ballad to Anna?

4 Rapunzel’s alleged photobomb

Many people think Rapunzel and her beau Eugene Fitzherbert make a cameo in Frozen. In the scene where Anna sings For the First Time in Forever, guests are seen entering the castle.

While their faces aren’t shown, a couple walking on the bridge sure look a lot like Rapunzel and Eugene.

The woman is wearing a purple dress sure and sports the short, brown hairstyle Rapunzel gets at the end of Tangled.

3 Reindeer are quite boring

A real reindeer was brought in for animators to use as a model for Sven.

Unfortunately, the reindeer basically just stood there, so Frankie, a Labrador that belongs to Pixar’s Chief Creative Director John Lasseter, inspired much of Sven’s movements and antics.

2 A lot of snowflakes

Computer software was used to generate 2,000 unique snowflakes for the film. If you zoom in on a scene where snow is falling, you won’t see the same snowflake twice.

The design team consulted with Cal Tech professor Dr. Kenneth Libbrecht to determine how snow and ice form, so they could make the movie as realistic as possible.

1 That’s one hairy woman

Queen Elsa actually has more hair than Rapunzel. The animators put 420,000 strands of hair on Elsa’s head, giving her very thick, very dense hair. By comparison, Rapunzel only had 27,000 strands.

Frozen has taken the world by storm. Since its opening in November 2013, the movie has earned more than $1billion.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. The complex relationships, fantastic animation and unforgettable songs will melt your heart, too.

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