‘Yeezy and Sleazy’: Internet and late-night TV pokes stick at Kanye and Trump lovefest

Stephen Colbert
Colbert went in for the kill on Kanye’s lovefest with POTUS

Stephen Colbert is having a field day with the current Kanye West and Donald Trump bro-fest — saying on his late-night show last night that “Kanye has lost his mind.”

Colbert quipped: “I don’t know if you’ve checked Twitter today but right now my Twitter feed is just tweets from Donald Trump and Kanye West.

“Kanye is getting kind of political. He tweeted: ‘my MAGA [make America Great Again]  hat is signed’ followed by 30 fire emojis. Now that is fitting because that is how many times I would set that hat on fire…”


Noting how Trump had responded to Kanye’s tweets, calling one of them “very cool”, Colbert said: “Look for their new album, Yeezy, and Sleazy!”

He added: “You know what, Kanye? You know, you know what? Donald Trump is your brother…it is true. I am your brother too. And brother to brother, I just want to say, ‘put the phone away. Okay? You could have stopped at 10 a.m. this morning with, “I’m nice at ping-pong.”

This odd tweet from Kanye was ripe for the picking

Colbert said: “Quick follow-up — have you been hanging out with Dr. Ronnie Jackson? Jackson was President Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Veterans Administration. It was announced early this morning that the Rear Admiral medic has withdrawn as Trump’s nominee to lead the Department based on a flurry of substantive allegations of ethics violations.

“But then things took an even stupider turn. Because Donald Trump actually responded to Kanye. I assume because an alarm went off in the White House that someone on Twitter was being crazier than him.”

Adding to the general disbelief that Kanye and Trump are fast friends, the internet did not disappoint.

Relentless memes were made from the Twitter feed of Kanye who in one tweet posted an odd stark hallway from his house saying, “does this look like the sunken place?”

This seemed to be in response to fans taking him to task for sinking so low to endorse the President. The internet and specifically Twitter did not disappoint, with one user doctoring the image.

But others also rushed to his defence:

Watch the clip from Colbert below:

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