Wynonna Judd’s daughter released from prison: Who is Grace Pauline Kelley?

Grace Pauline Kelly is Wynonna Judd's daughter.
Wynonna Judd’s daughter, Grace Pauline Kelley, was released from prison. Pic credit: Morgan County Sheriff’s Office and @ImageCollect/zumapress

Wynonna Judd’s daughter was released from prison late last week. The singer is making headlines because her daughter, Grace Pauline Kelley, was granted parole.

On November 8, 23-year-old Grace was released from West Tennessee State Penitentiary. She was released six years early after the parole board approved her request. A spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Corrections confirmed Grace’s parole to PEOPLE magazine.

Grace was sentenced to eight years in prison for violating her probation that stemmed from a 2017 drug-related conviction. She left a court-mandated drug recovery program in November 2017, which resulted in a warrant being issued for her arrest.

It has been a turbulent few years for Wynonna’s daughter, who has had a long battle with meth. Grace’s drug use has led to legal troubles, including her recent incarceration.

Her stint in prison initially began with meth charges from 2015. Although Grace was given a probation sentence, she ended up violating it, resulting in her serving time behind bars.

The troubled young woman is the only daughter of Wynonna and her first husband, Arch Kelley. Wynona and Arch also share son Elijah Judd, who was born out of wedlock. The couple wed shortly after Elijah was born, but divorced months after Grace was born, less than two years later.

Along with her drug issues, Grace has a troubled past with her famous mom.

In 2013, Fox News reported that actress Ashley Judd had filed a police report, accusing her sister Wynonna of putting a GPS tracking device on Ashley’s car.

The report indicates that the singer was looking for ammunition against Ashley because the two were in a custody battle over Grace. Reps never confirmed the two siblings were fighting over the teenager.

There is no question that scandal, drama, fighting, and demons have plagued the famous Judd family. Grace, sadly, is not exempt from those demons. She will continue to seek treatment, while on parole until 2024.

The legal trouble surrounding Wynonna Judd’s daughter, Grace Pauline Kelley, has produced one positive. Wynonna has become an advocate for prison reform. It was Grace’s legal drama that prompted the country crooner to get more involved with the important cause.

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