William Shatner files for divorce: Who is Star Trek actor’s wife, Elizabeth Shatner?

William is ending his marriage to wife, Elizabeth Shatner .
Elizabeth Shatner is an avid lover of horses and giving back. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/admedia

Star Trek legend William Shatner has filed for divorce from Elizabeth Shatner — his wife of 18 years. TMZ reported that the actor has officially petitioned to dissolve the marriage, listing the date of separation as February of this year.

A source close to the couple told the website that the divorce would be pretty straight-forward. William and Elizabeth signed a prenuptial agreement before their 2001 wedding.

There are a few financial terms the couple must deal with before moving forward with the divorce. However, since they do not have any children and the prenup is ironclad, most details are already hammered out.

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Elizabeth Shatner is the fourth wife of the Hollywood actor. She is near 30 years younger than her second husband. The 59-year-old was previously married to Michael Gleen Martin for 15 years before he passed away in 1997.

Like her famous husband, Elizabeth loves horses. She started riding as a child and became a horse trainer after getting a degree at Purdue University.

She has turned her love for horses into a way to help others. Along with William, Elizabeth founded All Glory Project, which is an “equine therapy programs serving military veterans, human and animals, as well at their families.”

The former couple had previously run the Hollywood Charity Horse Show. Money raised from the annual event goes to helping children in need. Elizabeth is all about giving back, and if she can incorporate her passion for horses into her philanthropy effort, that is even better.

Horses are not Elizabeth’s only passion. She also loves photography and has a website, Art By Nature, where she combines art with taking pictures.

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Elizabeth shares, on the website, that the business came to life after she took a photo safari trip to Israel. On the journey, she discovered a “healing synergy in the combination of light and color present in nature,” especially in flowers. It is the reason she refers to her work as “Flowrosophy.”

Star Trek fans may recall that she appeared with him in the documentaries, Life Beyond Trek: William Shatner, Gonzo Ballet, and The Shatner Project. She was featured with him in an episode of E! True Hollywood Story — one year after they got married.

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