William and Charles are ‘increasingly concerned’ about Prince Andrew’s legal troubles, royal expert says

Prince William and Charles are concerned about Andrew’s Virginia Giuffre lawsuit. Pic credit: ©

Prince William and Charles, the two Royals next in line to the throne, are “increasingly concerned” and “exasperated” about Prince Andrew’s legal troubles. They are concerned about how it could affect the Queen and the threat it poses to the security and future of the monarchy, a source revealed.

According to royal expert Russell Myers writing in the Mirror, a royal source said the future kings were feeling “exasperated” by the distraction that Prince Andrew’s legal situation is causing the Royal Family.

The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge are worried that Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse case involving Virginia Giuffre — formerly Virginia Roberts — could blow up into a scandal that inflicts irreparable damage to the image and reputation of the Royal Family.

“First and foremost, Charles and William are united; there will never be a return to public life for Andrew,” a source said, according to Myers. “This has only been compounded with the lawsuit lodged this week.”

William and Charles have ‘doubts’ about Andrew’s handling of Giuffre’s sex abuse allegations

William, Charles, and other senior royals were having “serious and growing doubts” about how Andrew and his legal team have responded to Victoria Giuffre’s sex abuse allegations.

Warnings that the lawsuit could take years to resolve have sparked fears that it could lead to a growing scandal that destabilizes the monarchy.

William and Charles want Andrew to “take immediate action” to address Giuffre’s claim of “rape in the first degree” to avoid further damage to the monarchy.

Another source raised an alarm that Andrew “needs to get a grip on the situation” before it causes “irreparable damage” to the Royal Family.

William and Charles are concerned about how Andrew’s scandal could affect the Queen

The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge are also concerned about how Andrew’s legal troubles could affect the Queen as she prepares to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee early next year, the source revealed.

William and Charles, along with other Royals “are undoubtedly increasingly concerned about the effect all of this turmoil could have on the Queen.”

The source continued, “She has been through a great deal over many, many recent months and this is once again a most unwelcome distraction.”

Expressions of concern about how Andrew’s scandal could affect the Queen come after a royal watcher warned that the Duke of York could be stripped of his HRH title due to the lawsuit he is facing.

Royals gather at Balmoral for ‘crisis talks’

The report that William and Charles are “increasingly concerned” about Andrew’s legal situation comes as senior members of the family arrive at Balmoral for “Andrew crisis talks”.

The Duke of York was sighted arriving at Balmoral on Tuesday, a day after Virginia Giuffre filed a lawsuit claiming he sexually abused her when she was still an underage person.

On Thursday, Prince Charles was also spotted arriving at his Birkhall estate on Royal Deeside, near Balmoral, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank arrived at Balmoral earlier on Wednesday.

Giuffre alleged that Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell forced her to perform sex acts with Prince Andrew when she was a teenager

Prince Andrew has previously denied Giuffre’s allegations.

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