Will Smith danced to his own music while celebrating Oscars win after hitting Chris Rock in the face

Will Smith
Will Smith danced the night away after smacking Chris Rock. Pic credit: ©

Will Smith made history in two ways: he won the Oscar for Best Actor and engaged in the first televised altercation on an Academy Awards stage.

Will Smith appeared to be in good spirits after taking home one of the biggest honors at the Oscars and slapping Chris Rock in the head.

Will seemed to be happy at the Oscars after-parties he attended. He arrived at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party with a large squad and partied the night away. The DJ played old Will Smith songs, and he danced to his own nineties hits. 

Will Smith celebrated his Oscars win after hitting Chris Rock in the face

Will Smith remained in a festive mood after his massive night at the Oscars. His performance in King Richard garnered him an Oscar, and he hit the Vanity Fair Oscar Party with a large entourage and started to dance. 

Variety reports that the DJ played Smith’s biggest hits, like Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It and Miami. Will allegedly sang along to his music and danced as well. He told the magazine, “It’s all about love,” a testament to Smith’s good spirits.

Will notably expressed remorse to the Academy but not to his victim, Chris Rock.

Will Smith hit Chris Rock in the face at the Oscars

Will Smith walked on stage and smacked comedian Chris Rock in the face for the repeated jokes about Jada Pinkett Smith. Jada Pinkett Smith has alopecia, an autoimmune condition that causes significant hair loss. Because of Jada’s health condition and the subsequent bald spots it causes, she shaves her head and sports a bald head look. 

Chris Rock referenced Jada as “G.I. Jane” in his Oscars monologue, something that Will did not take kindly to. As a result of Chris’ words, Will walked on stage, smacked Chris in the face, and then rejoined his seat. Will also issued a warning and declared, “keep my wife’s name out your f****g mouth.”

Variety reported that Chris Rock won’t press charges against Will Smith with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Will Smith won the Best Actor award at the Oscars

Soon after he assaulted Chris Rock, Will took home the Best Actor award for his portrayal of Venus and Serena Williams’ father in King Richard.

Will explained his actions in his acceptance speech and apologized to the Academy for his behavior. He quipped, “love will make you do crazy things.”

Will has yet to publicly apologize to Chris Rock. 

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