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Why did Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott break up? Couple puts two-year relationship on hiatus

travis scott and kylie jenner at 61st annual grammy awards in california
Travis Scott with Kylie Jenner at 61st Grammy Awards. Pic credit: Collin/Image Press Agency

Celebrity power couple Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have reportedly split, at least for the time being. The news of the end to the couple’s two-year relationship hit fans on Tuesday night. However, it appears things may not be fully over.

Here are the latest details on why the couple decided to break up, or at least take a break from their relationship, and how it will affect Stormi.

Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott taking a break

As of right now, TMZ’s report indicates that they’ve learned the couple has decided to go their separate ways. Apparently, the decision to split up was made weeks ago, as the couple was attempting to work things out. TMZ mentions that the last time they appeared publicly was as a family during the premiere of Travis Scott’s Netflix documentary release, “Look Mom, I Can Fly.” That was August 27 in Santa Monica, California.

The report goes on to say that Kylie Jenner hasn’t posted anything of herself with Travis Scott since September 10 on her social media. That was her Playboy teaser post. It featured a half-naked Scott embracing a fully-naked Kylie ahead of her “Pleasure Issue” arriving at newsstands and in the mail for those who ordered a copy.

The issue went on to sell out online ahead of its official release date. So even if they weren’t exactly into each other as much at the time of the post, it helped with sales.

Kylie attended Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s official wedding this past weekend in South Carolina. However, Travis Scott was not with her for the special event.

She had Stormi with her, and based on TMZ’s report, she also had some fun at the event with Jaden Smith. Apparently, Jaden and Kylie are strictly friends, so he’s not any reason for a split from Travis.

It appears, for now, Kylie and Travis’ break up is due to their inability to work something out that was causing issues between them, but that reason has yet to come out in reports. Most likely, rumors and speculation will keep surfacing in the coming days.

Kylie and Travis’ relationship history included other ‘breaks’

The Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott breakup may not surprise their most loyal fans. Those who have been following the couple since they got together in 2017 have seen them take breaks before. However, the couple has reportedly worked things out and got back on track each time.

That could happen once again, although for now, they’ll be living their single lives as best they can. Kylie appears to be focused on her cosmetics and social media posts. Travis just recently announced new music with his single “Highest in the Room,” per Billboard. The new song will make its debut on Friday, October 4.

The couple also has a child together, Stormi, and based on TMZ’s report, they’ll continue co-parenting.

That particular Instagram post (above) on Kylie’s account was posted back on July 25 and is already drawing comments from fans asking about their breakup. Other people are claiming that things aren’t over and it’s “fake news.” TMZ seems to believe they’ve got the scoop and the celeb duo is not together. If Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s previous breakups are any indicators, they’ll be back together at some point.

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