Who plays Angela in Stranger Things? Everything to know about Elodie Grace Orkin

Elodie Grace Orkin
Elodie Grace Orkin stunned fans as Angela in Stranger Things Season 4. Pic credit: @elodiegraceorkin/Instagram

Angela quickly made her debut as one of Season 4’s worst villains, even though she’s just a regular high school girl. Despite her human nature, the blonde teen queen made her name known as Eleven’s worst nightmare very early on. 

From embarrassing Eleven in class, destroying the diorama El prepared, and then dumping a milkshake on El in a scene resembling Stephen King’s Carrie, Angela quickly became the most hated character as she showed no signs of remorse or redemption.

There didn’t even seem to be a good reason for her to be a troubled teen, which made the roller-skate to the face that much more satisfying to viewers. 

However, behind every role, an actor or actress is working hard to bring that character to life. It’s easy to say that Elodie Grace Orkin brought Angela to life extremely well, considering no one likes her. In fact, it seems that Elodie played the role so well that she didn’t even care for Angela herself. 

Who is Elodie Grace Orkin?

Elodie Grace Orkin is a new upcoming actress known for her roles in Stranger Things, Stage Fright, and Saving Paradise. According to Hollywood Life, Stranger Things is why she wanted to pursue acting, so being part of the cast is a big deal to the young actress.

She revealed, “I’ve been acting my whole life in musical theater and stuff, but I decided that I wanted an agent, and I wanted to start professionally acting after I saw Stranger Things because I’m the same age as Millie [Bobby Brown]. And to see another girl my age doing this dramatic acting, I really wanted to be a part of that. So it was a really crazy full-circle moment that I never imagined could happen that I ended up being on the same show that inspired me to start.”

Despite her role as the bully, it looks like she and Millie spent some quality time together on set, which must have been a huge accomplishment for Elodie since Millie inspired her to get into acting.

Aside from her role in Stranger Things, Elodie seems to spend a lot of time with her family as she shares many photos with her mother and some with her father. Her Instagram page also includes shots of herself and animals, such as a dog and her cat.

She appears to have family in both England and America. Based on her Hollywood Life interview and a post from her mother, she’s about 18 years old now.

Will Angela be back in Stranger Things?

Based on the way the first part of Season 4 ended, it’s unlikely that Angela will make a return to the series unless she happens to travel across the country to find Eleven in Hawkins.

As for Elodie, the actress might be okay if Angela doesn’t return to the screen, as she says, “absolutely magnificent acting [I’ve] never hated a character more.”

While it’s unlikely that Angela will be making a return, fans can follow Elodie’s Instagram account to see her upcoming acting ventures.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 is now streaming on Netflix. Volume 2 comes out July 1.

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