Who is Louis Eisner? Net worth, age and everything to know about Ashley Olsen’s new husband

Ashley Olsen close up
Here’s everything to know about Ashley Olsen’s husband, Louis Eisner. Pic credit: © Fotos/AdMedia

Fashion designer and former child star Ashley Olson has reportedly been quietly married for over a week now. Ashley married her long-time partner, Louis Eisner, in a secret wedding ceremony on December 28.

Years ago, Ashley and her twin sister, Mary Kate, lived very public lives as the famous Olsen twins duo. They appeared in countless TV shows, movies, and video projects from 1987 – 2004.

However, since they retired from acting, the duo has embraced an extremely private lifestyle as they built up an impressive career in fashion design. While their younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, has continued acting, the twins have largely avoided all public appearances and interviews, even declining to appear in the Full House spin-off Fuller House.

Hence, it wasn’t surprising that Ashley opted for a very, very private wedding at a home in Bel-Air. Details of the wedding are unclear, but an insider claimed it drew only a small gathering of about 50 people.

Ashley has been dating Eisner since 2017, though they have kept their relationship so private that some may not even have known the pair were dating. They only made their first public appearance together in September 2022.

Now that he is Ashley’s new husband, fans are even more curious about who Eisner is.

What does Louis Eisner do and what is his net worth?

Eisner is an American painter who has shared his works on Instagram and Artsy. In his Artsy biography, he explained that he doesn’t have a distinct art style, with his works varying in subject and style.

At times, he has leaned more towards the abstract, while at other times, he created works with more recognizable subjects and themes. Some of his paintings have also tried to illustrate political theories and philosophies.

He was also a member of The Still House Group, which was an artist-led organization based in Brooklyn, New York. Meanwhile, he comes from a notable family, as his mother is Lisa Eisner, a fashion and jewelry designer, and his father, Eric Eisner, runs a non-profit organization.

His work as an artist seems lucrative as several of his pieces listed for sale on Artsy were priced at upwards of $4,000. It is believed that the artist is sitting on top of a cushy net worth of over $3 million.

However, it is nowhere near the net worth that Ashley has racked up with her fashion design businesses. The fashion mogul has a staggering estimated net worth of $250 million.

How old is Eisner and how long has he dated Ashley Olsen?

According to his Artsy profile, Eisner was born in 1988, making him around the age of 34. This means that the pair is pretty close in age, as Ashley is 36.

Meanwhile, the couple reportedly first started dating five years ago. Due to their decision to keep their relationship private, their relationship timeline is pretty sparse.

The only evidence of their relationship has been sporadic photos of the couple snapped while they were out and about together. These photos often served as the only evidence that the pair was even still together.

However, in 2021, Eisner shared an extremely rare photo of Ashley on his Instagram Story. The pair were hiking, but the photo only raised more questions than before as Ashley was inexplicably wielding a machete for the outing.

Ashley Olsen hiking in Louis Eisner's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @knuckles.eisner/Instagram

The couple also did make one surprising public appearance in 2021, when they attended the 20th-anniversary celebration of Young Eisner Scholars, the non-profit organization run by Eisner’s father.

Ashley and Eisner have had a largely private five-year relationship, and it is expected they will continue to maintain their privacy in marriage, too.

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