Who is Jessie J? Channing Tatum’s girlfriend is an established pop star

Jessie J still from new song Queen
Jessie J is dating Channing Tatum post-Jenna Dewan split. Pic credit: Jessie J/YouTube

When news broke that Channing Tatum is dating Jessie J, many started asking questions about the Magic Mike star’s new girlfriend. What some may not realize is that we’ve been singing along to many of her songs on the radio all along!

Jessie J was born Jessica Ellen Cornish in London in 1988, making her 30 years old. The English singer/songwriter began her entertainment career at age 11 when she was cast in the musical Whistle Down the Wind.

If you’re wondering what the J in Jessie J stands for, the answer is nothing. The pop singer admitted in old interviews that it’s simply a stage name and the J doesn’t stand for anything at all.

Jessie J music

In 2006, Jessie J started her climb to international fame but hit a few snags before she finally hit paydirt. Her first record label, Gut Records, went out of business before Jessie could release any of her music. She was fortunate to land a deal with Sony ATV as a songwriter after her first record company went under.

While working to build a career as a songwriter, Jessie wrote songs for Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera.

She co-wrote Party In The USA with Miley Cyrus, giving the English singer/songwriter some major music cred. She even wrote her own hit, Do It Like A Dude, which was initially meant for Rihanna but, after she signed with Universal Music Group as a recording artist, turned it into one of her own best-known hits.

It was in 2011 that Jessie J jumped to the top of the British charts, with singles Do It Like A Dude and Price Tag. Just three years later, she was strutting across stages with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj as they performed her single, Bang Bang, which earned a Grammy nomination in 2015.


So far, Jessie J has released four albums, Who You Are, Alive, Sweet Talker, and R.O.S.E, with a fifth album on the way.

Jessie J personal life

In 2014, Jessie J caused a bit of controversy when she came out publicly to say that her previous bisexuality was just a phase. Prior to that claim, the singer said she was openly bisexual and had dated both men and women.

With her personal life under a microscope, Jessie J decided to move from London to Los Angeles in order to live as a singer, feeling like her sexuality and other aspects of her personal life were under too much scrutiny in her home country.


Interest in Jessie J increased recently when it was reported that the Bang Bang singer was dating Channing Tatum. That all started when a Twitter user claimed to see the two playing a round of mini golf.

That report turned into a much bigger deal when major outlets started publishing proof that the two are indeed spending time together.  In addition to the mini-golf date, Us Weekly reported that Channing Tatum has been spotted at a handful of Jessie J concerts recently. That wouldn’t be such a big deal except that they aren’t local, as he’s been spotted at shows in Seattle and Salt Lake City.

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