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Who is Cosmo Jarvis? Everything to know about Dakota Johnson’s Persuasion costar

Cosmo Jarvis in Persuasion
Who is Cosmo Jarvis? Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix’s film adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion was released today (Friday, July 15) and viewers are certain to fall for the main love interest, Captain Frederick Wentworth, and his actor, Cosmo Jarvis.

Captain Wentworth is a love interest of Anne Elliot who she previously denied because he had no money, or land, or much of anything to offer her.

After she declined his proposal, he left for the British Navy, traveled, and became rather established— and rich. Now, he’s back and in the race for Anne’s heart again.

Though Captain Wentworth seems to be well-known, much of Cosmo Jarvis’s life is kept quietly under wraps as he prefers to stay out of the public eye.

Cosmo’s full name is Harrison Cosmo Krikoryan Jarvis, and he is a British actor who was born in New Jersey. No, really.

After being born in New Jersey, his family relocated to England when he was a baby and he landed his first major role alongside Florence Pugh in Lady Macbeth.

However private, there’s more to Cosmo than meets the eye.

Cosmo Jarvis says acting is ‘a job’ and fame is the ‘shell of a cracked nut’

Though he made his debut alongside Florence Pugh, fame has been a different ideal for Cosmo.

While Florence Pugh has skyrocketed, Cosmo has stayed rather low-key.

He revealed to Square Mile that his goal as far as acting is “to work and try and do good work like anyone else.”

He continued, “It’s a job. I just want to live and die quietly. I am an employee. Of what worth is fame when so many greater minds than mine, so many wiser, more honorable, more enlightening and enlightened, kind, forgiving, ingenuitive and braver men and women than me aren’t anointed with it – in the way which people in my line of work who pretend to be different people seem to be?”

In conclusion, he noted, “I’m not against fame, I’m against society’s distribution and adoration of fame and how it suffers under that influence and how it can distract the youth in particular from realizing their own potential. I just want to do the work. Fame is the remaining shell of a cracked nut.”

Cosmo Jarvis is a musician

More than an actor, Cosmo is a musician with several albums on Spotify. He first released 19 Songs by Cosmo Jarvis in 2006 and has released several more albums since then.

His creative and self-written Spotify bio offers some insight into his life and passion for music.

The caption wittily reads, “Singer, songwriter, and filmmaker Cosmo Jarvis has earned a devoted following for his witty, often satiric tunes about the foibles of relationships and contemporary life, often rooted in personal experience, as well as his own self-produced videos and short subjects that have given his work a global online audience.”

Cosmo began writing music when he was only 12 and soon began filming short videos after that, becoming entranced in the arts and filming.

Cosmo actually quit going to school when he was 16 so he could focus on his music and film.

His Spotify boasts 20,984 followers and 39,880 monthly listeners.

Persuasion is now streaming on Netflix.

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