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What happened to Reality Steve’s He Said, She Said podcast?

Reality Steve
Reality Steve’s podcast takes a long break. Pic credit: RealitySteve24/YouTube

Reality Steve, a blogger known for spoiling the season of The Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor In Paradise, is also the host of a podcast. The podcast is called He Said, She Said, and he hosts it with a woman named Ashley Spivey.

However, the show suddenly disappeared for months, and fans were left wondering why. But there was a good reason behind the sudden decision, and Ashley confirmed the sad news on Twitter. It was her sudden miscarriage that resulted in her taking some time off.

Spivey, who confirmed that she had miscarried back in May of this year, explains that she needed some time off to deal with her feelings. The show returned with Episode 23, which happens to be about miscarriage and loss.

Ashley opened up about the loss on her Instagram when it happened, revealing that she and her husband wanted the pregnancy.

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For the past couple of weeks, you might have noticed a lot of pro-choice and pro-abortion viewpoints on my account. What you may not know (my close family and friends did) is that I was pregnant. I found out VERY early that I was pregnant. I took a test before the end of my missed period bc Steve and I were trying and Steve was sure that I was (bc i had been very emotional for the previous week). He was correct on both points. However, in terms of my body, I in no way felt pregnant. If we weren’t trying, I would have thought that my period was just late from traveling 🤷🏼‍♀️ I couldn’t even see my doctor until I was 6 weeks pregnant, and even then we left the doctors office in shock that what was showing up on the ultrasound was what legislators are fighting over in these so called “heartbeat” bills and bans. Don’t get me wrong. This was a very wanted pregnancy. Steve and I are both ready for a family. However, it was not meant to be this time. While the doctor spotted the fetal pole cardiac activity at 6 weeks, on Monday (8 weeks) with my sis and Steve in the room we received some bad news – the embryo actually had shrunk and the doctor concluded that I was experiencing a miscarriage. This is not a post for sympathy. Miscarriages are common and I know the stats. I feel grateful to live in state that will not question me about my miscarriage or launch an investigation into what exactly caused me to miscarry, and possibly prosecute me if i did something that unknowingly caused the miscarriage. I feel grateful that I could choose not to prolong this miscarriage and have a d&c procedure. I feel grateful that my doctor can not be prosecuted for helping me to rid myself of my miscarriage. These bans are not just about abortions – they will also affect women who suffer miscarriages. None of this is ok. I have had an abortion and I have had a miscarriage. I have bodily autonomy and the women of this country deserve the same. Donate your time, effort, and money to organizations like @prochoiceamerica @yellowfund @plannedparenthood @whoohio @napawf @aclu_nationwide if you are just as scared and pissed off as I am. Continued below…

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During Episode 23 of the He Said, She Said podcast, Ashley reveals that she and her husband Steve had been trying to get pregnant since April. She got pregnant immediately, but the pregnancy would end in a miscarriage around the 6-week mark. The fetus had stopped growing.

Ashley and Steve also welcome a caller to the podcast, a woman named Jessica. The two have both gone through fertility issues, and Ashley opens up about timed intercourse and doctor appointments.

While Ashley does want to get pregnant again, it sounds like she wants to follow doctors’ orders to ensure they have a great chance at conceiving again.

Spivey also promised to keep everyone updated on her pregnancy journey.

Ashley Spivey competed on The Bachelor Season 15 when Brad Womack was The Bachelor. Ashley married Steve Hunsberger in May 2016.

The Bachelor returns Monday, January 6, 2020, at 8/7c on ABC.

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