Ultrarunner David Clark dead at 49 after complications from surgery

David Clark runner died
David Clark, an ultrarunner and author, passed away following back surgery complications. Pic credit: David Clark/Instagram

David Clark, an ultrarunner and bestselling author, has died at age 49. According to several sources, he was in an intensive care unit for several days due to post-op complications.

David Clark reportedly passed away on May 22 — one week after announcing his scheduled surgery.

In his last Facebook post, Clark revealed that he had back issues: “I have a herniated disc that ruptured into my spinal cord,” which affected his ability to walk.

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The ultrarunner continued, telling his supporters that the medical staff were optimistic and expressed relief at diagnosing the back issue that has troubled him for many years.

“The doctors are optimistic that I’ll have a good recovery, but the rehab might be more of a marathon than a sprint… I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes. In the meantime, I’ve met lots of amazing people here at the hospital, I’ve been meditating and catching up on emails.”

David Clark was a bestselling author of several books such as Out There and Broken. He was also a source of inspiration for many after overcoming obesity, drug addiction, and alcoholism.

The late ultrarunner was also a running coach and mentor.

“David you were a sober warrior unlike any other. Someone who wrung every last drop out of life — and always gave back more. You are deeply loved. And will be terribly missed. Run free my friend. Run free,” tweeted Vegan athlete Rich Roll.

Several tributes have poured in for the late sober warrior, runner, and author.

David Clark’s father, Loren, died from cancer earlier this year, shortly before the late runner’s 49th birthday.

David revealed that he once weighed over 320 pounds and was on a diet of fast food, painkillers, and alcohol. His desire to be a better father to his children inspired him to lose weight and diet.

Clark eventually switched to a plant-based diet experimenting with his eating habits. As an ultrarunner, he regularly participated in 130-mile races and other forms of extreme running.

In his best-selling memoir, Clark revealed that he has participated in several ultramarathon events and once ran across the United States among several other impressive feats, according to Runners World.

Clark was recently promoting his new book: Eat Sh*t And Die.

According to his last Instagram post, Clark was planning to coach 35 volunteers who wanted to lose weight and use the healthy living techniques detailed in his new book.

“Starting in June, I am coaching a group of health warriors that are ready to do serious work, dig deep and adopt a whole new paradigm.”

David Clark is survived by his children, books, and the many he inspired.

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