UFC star Mike Perry punches an older man in a bar dispute

ufc star mike perry at event
UFC star Mike Perry was involved in bar assault in Texas. Pic credit: UFC/YouTube

UFC welterweight fighter Mike Perry was recently caught on video punching an older man as part of a bar dispute that turned physical.

Based on police reports, there were three individuals assaulted in the incident, with the older man Perry punched knocked to the ground unconscious.

UFC star Mike Perry knocks out older man

The bar incident that turned physical took place at Table 82 in Lubbock, Texas, the home of Perry’s girlfriend, Latory Gonzalez.

According to witnesses, the 28-year-old UFC fighter had been reportedly drinking Berry Mojitos when an employee approached him and asked him to leave the establishment.

Things turned violent from there.

According to witnesses at the restaurant, Perry, whose nickname is “Platinum,” ended up punching the employee in the eye. That employee reportedly suffered injuries.

Per TMZ’s report, several people, including Perry’s girlfriend, convinced the mixed martial arts star to leave, but he didn’t go quietly.

Perry used the N-word multiple times as he left and continued yelling when he was outside.

Several men also followed Perry and his girlfriend outside the bar. One older man got too close for Perry’s liking, so Perry connected with a right-hand punch, knocking him out.

In a video making the rounds on Twitter, Perry is confronted by an older man who claims he saw what the fighter did. Perry, who is shouting at the people trying to calm him down, yells, “I’ll knock your old a** out too.”

As the man gets closer to Perry, the fighter knocks him to the ground.

As seen in the video, after knocking the older man to the ground, people are heard gasping and screaming. Perry eventually takes a seat but keeps yelling and telling people to call the police.

He told his girlfriend, “You ain’t on my side, b*tch!”

Cops say the older man appeared to be unconscious when they arrived. Witnesses indicate the man hit his head on the pavement after the punch.

The older man was taken to a hospital from the scene. TMZ indicates he was experiencing memory problems after the incident and didn’t recall being punched or what happened after.

The viral video featuring Perry punching the man brought up comparisons to UFC star Conor McGregor. The fighter punched an older man at a pub in 2019.

Perry also appeared in another viral video last year after suffering a gruesome broken nose injury in a fight.

Perry to appear in court for assault

Based on police reports, three victims were part of the alleged assault.

According to witnesses, in addition to the employee and older man outside, Perry also struck a woman “ID’d as a friend of Perry’s girlfriend.”

That woman was reportedly struck while sitting with them inside the establishment, but it was unclear if she suffered any injuries as part of the incident.

Cops arrived to question Perry and others at the restaurant but didn’t arrest Perry for the assaults.

The UFC fighter insisted he was touched by other people involved, prompting him to become physical.

According to MMA Fighting, he received a Class A assault charge on his record, which is a misdemeanor. He’ll also have to face a judge in court and could end up with a fine of $500.

He didn’t make any public comments on the matter, beyond posting a simple “No comment” on Twitter on Wednesday night.


In UFC, Mike Perry holds a 14-6 record overall, with his most recent result a victory over Mickey Gall by decision at last month’s UFC on ESPN: Poirier vs. Hooker event.

Perry said he chose to have his girlfriend Latory Gonzalez in his corner for that fight so she could bask in the glory of his win.

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