Two people shot at Roddy Ricch and 42 Dugg music video shoot but rappers are ok

Roddy and 42 Dugg music video
A music video shoot by rap artists Roddy Ricch and 42 Dugg was interrupted by gunfire but neither were harmed. Pic credit: Roddy Ricch/YouTube/42Dugg/Instagram

Compton rap artist Roddy Ricch and Detroit native rapper 42 Dugg were reportedly filming a music video in Atlanta when it was abruptly ended after a shooting occurred at the scene.

After news broke out about the shooting, fans were worried the popular rap artists had been shot; however, neither rapper was harmed in the shooting, according to an Atlanta Police statement.

Reports reveal that the two shooting victims have been identified as Antoine Blake and Vernon Moulder, neither of whom were seriously wounded and are reportedly in stable condition after being taken to the hospital.

While initial reports claimed that three people were shot, upon further investigation by responding paramedics the third victim, Peter Cook, was found to have been grazed by debris rather than hit with a bullet.

A local news reporter told how the music video was being filmed in the afternoon when everyone “scattered” as gunshots were fired. Witnesses at the scene — a popular location to film music videos — reportedly heard between 20 to 40 gunshots.

It is unclear whether 42 Dugg or Roddy Ricch were actually caught up in the shooting or have any relationship with the victims.

Both rappers are said to be unharmed. An individual was arrested for drug possession at the scene, according to a WSB-TV reporter.

42 Dugg denies involvement in the shooting

42 Dugg went on his Instagram Live with his We Paid collaborator Lil Baby to confirm that he was unharmed and was not involved in the shooting that occurred.

“Y’all stop with that fake s**t, man. We ain’t been around no gun shooting, none of that,” Dugg said in response to the music video shooting.

Lil Baby also offered 42 Dugg the opportunity to debunk a viral rumor that he was knocked out by a woman. In the exchange, which you can watch below, Dugg, 26, whose real name is Dion Hayes, shoots down the rumor and denies fighting with a woman.

The Detroit rapper thanked Lil Baby and his and his fans for their concern about his safety.

“Real talk, man. We good man…Thanks for the love, though. I appreciate the love, though.”

42 Dugg also went on his Instagram story to prove to naysayers that he was not shot, with a caption reading: “Appreciate the concerns though I did not get SHOT!!!” The rapper shows off his Gucci outfit while proving that he has not been wounded.

Roddy Ricch update, a new mixtape in the works

Roddy Ricch has remained silent on social media but an affiliate, DJ A-Tron confirmed on Twitter that the rapper was unharmed.

The 22-year-old rapper released his debut album in December 2019, spawning numerous hit singles, notably among them The Box, which reached number one on the Billboard 100. His collaboration with Dugg is rumored to be a feature in his upcoming mixtape Feed Tha Streets III, which was teased last month.

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