Trisha Paytas is pregnant! Controversial influencer announces baby news in sweet Valentine’s Day post

Trisha Paytas announces her pregnancy
Trisha Paytas has officially announced her pregnancy on Valentine’s Day. Pic credit: @blndsundoll4mj/YouTube

Popular YouTuber Trisha Paytas has just taken to YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram to announce the pregnancy of their first child.

Paytas posted a photo of their sonogram and a video of them holding up a positive pregnancy test

The non-binary influencer, 33, has publicly shared their struggles with fertility in the past. Paytas was told at age 25 that they would never conceive, due to cervical complications.

After posting a series of videos to their YouTube channel explaining their journey with fertility treatments, they officially announced their pregnancy this Valentine’s Day.

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The father of the child is a fellow YouTuber and “water enthusiast,” Moses Hacmon. The two began dating in the spring of 2020 and tied the knot in December of 2021.

Paytas excitedly explained in their video that they never thought it would actually happen. They said, “I am just at the most peace I have felt in my entire life.”


In the video, Paytas explained their difficulties with getting pregnant after being told eight years ago that they would never have children on their own due to scarred tubes. After two failed HSG tests, Paytas did one at the end of December and received a positive result shortly after. The YouTuber also documented the HSG journey on their channel “blndsundoll4mj” at the time.

Paytas amounted the success of the pregnancy to the spiritual journey they embarked on last year. Through meditation, affirmation, and visualization, they manifested themselves getting pregnant and having a baby in the year 2022.

Paytas posted a series of photos to Instagram that included a sonogram and the YouTuber holding up three positive pregnancy tests. The last photo is of them and their husband Moses holding up the same sonogram photo.

The father, Moses, most known as their calming counterpart who “identifies himself as water,” also took to Instagram to show his love for his future child. He posted a photo of the two in Valentine’s Day outfits, along with a framed photo of the sonogram that says “Love At First Sight.”

Moses’s caption said, “Mom and Dad. Best Valentine gift ever!”

In true Trisha fashion, the influencer who is known to never hold back on social media also made a few TikToks to show their excitement over the long-awaited pregnancy. In one video, Paytas showed themself with the text, “Being told for 8 years you could never conceive,” followed by the reveal of the positive tests.

They also posted a video of the baby’s heartbeat with the text, “Love at first beat.”

Fans showed their excitement and happiness despite past controversy

Followers of Paytas know the influencer has been a part of many public scandals in the past. Videos posted by Paytas that included inappropriate content – their ingenuine obsession with Jewish culture and sudden change of gender for example – were quickly put in a negative spotlight.

Their video, titled “I AM TRANSGENDER,” received a huge amount of backlash when uploaded back in 2019. After being on YouTube for almost a decade and becoming known for having “pink everything” and plastic surgeries to enhance their female features, many followers were outraged at the poorly researched declaration.

Members of the LGBTQ+ community were unhappy with the way Paytas so nonchalantly made a huge statement without knowing for absolute certain. After an immense amount of backlash, Paytas removed the video from their YouTube channel and they now identify as non-binary.

Paytas was also involved in a controversy regarding their husband Moses and his family last year. They met Moses after being a guest on the H3 Podcast, which stars Ethan Klein and his wife, Hila Klein (Moses’s sister). After a huge falling out between Paytas and Ethan in 2021, the Klein’s claimed Paytas broke up the family, and neither Ethan nor Hila were invited to their wedding. With all involved being social media figures, it was a very public, messy falling out that featured many YouTube and TikTok videos back and forth.

After years of controversial videos posted by Paytas, it was unknown what the reaction to their “someday” pregnancy would be. However, fans of the influencer have shown great amounts of support and love in their comment section. Their comments are now loaded with many words of congratulations and heart emojis.

A commenter knew what a big deal the announcement was, writing, “The internet is about to break.”

Instagram comment writes the internet is about to break on Trisha's post
Pic credit: @itskylerush/Instagram

Another user wrote, “So happy for you girl, you did it got married and got pregnant that’s all she has ever wanted lol.”

Instagram comment on Paytas's post
Pic credit: @mishskipp/Instagram

Even though they have been involved in many internet controversies, it’s clear by followers’ reactions that fans are excited for the journey Paytas and their husband are about to embark on in the coming months.

And knowing how much they post on all social media platforms, Paytas will be sure to take all their fans along on the ride ahead.

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