Tide commercial with Peyton Manning, Kenan Thompson and Nick Offerman hilariously ends laundry night debate

Peyton Manning, Nick Offerman, and Kenan Thompson team up in new Tide commerical.
Nick Offerman helps end the great laundry night debate with Payton Manning and Kenan Thompson. Pic Credit: YouTube

Nick Offerman, Peyton Manning, and Kenan Thompson have teamed up for a new Tide commercial full of laughs. It also puts an end to the great laundry night debate.

Over the past few weeks, Manning has sparked the best night to do laundry debate in a series of Tide commercials.

The latest one features the retired NFL quarterback going head to head with Thompson. After trading a slew of hilarious one-liner insults, Offerman steps in as the voice of reason.

The Parks and Recreation alum is calm, cool, and collected, as he gives a monotone speech to the feuding men. Offerman declares people simply enjoy doing laundry while watching television.

“It gives them the allusion of doing something while actually doing next to nothing,” explains Offerman, who even manages to get in a jab at Thompson.

The Saturday Night Live star finally understands what Offerman is trying to say. He states they want people to do laundry during their shows because it means more eyes will be on them.

Offerman doesn’t miss a beat by agreeing, all why calling Manning and Thompson attention-seeking men. The commercial is one of Tide’s funniest spots to date.

Thompson’s witty humor along with Manning’s dry humor is a winning combination. They continue to one-up each other until the very end.

It is the last spot in a series of commercials that features Manning and the NFL attempting to get fans to do laundry on any other night but Sunday. Initially declaring Tuesday laundry night, which did not go over well with The Voice coach, Gwen Stefani.

After the NFL and Manning issued an apology to young singers, he declares any night but Sunday laundry night. The new revelation has Superstore star, Lauren Ash, freaking out that viewers would choose to do their laundry during the comedy.

There is also a spot that features Thompson debuting a new track, telling the NFL what is up about laundry night. The funnyman sets the record straight, laundry night is Sunday and he explains it all while rapping.

Tide pulled out all the stops by partnering with the NFL and securing Manning for three of the five commercials. The laundry detergent company had viewers laughing in each spot, with several high-profile guest appearances.

However, the final Tide commercial featuring Nick Offerman being the voice of reason over the laundry night debate with Kenan Thompson and Peyton Manning takes the cake. These guys bring the laugh, especially Offerman, who doesn’t skip a beat as he puts the debate to rest.

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