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This parody of the Peloton bike ad is way more real than the actual commercial

Peloton bike ad
A parody of the now famous Peloton bike ad, pictured, has shown what it’s REALLY like to receive a stationary bike for Christmas. Pic credit: Peloton

Viral video queen Eva Victor has created a hilarious parody of Peloton’s much mocked ad which shows a woman receiving one of the company’s bikes for Christmas.

In the parody, as in the real commercial, a woman receives a Peloton bike as a gift from her husband but after a year of using the bike, unlike in the real ad, she files for divorce.

You can watch the parody by Victor, a comedian and writer, below:

Be aware that there is some NSFW language if you are watching the video in public. Some of the Twitter posts shared below also include some harsh language. 

To put the parody in context here is the original advertisement, which has prompted much hilarity online:

The Peloton bike commercial promotes the stationary bike as the perfect holiday season gift for your significant other. The ad, titled “The Gift That Gives Back,” shows a lean young woman walking downstairs on Christmas morning with her daughter. She covers her eyes in anticipation of the surprise Christmas gift that her husband has for her.

When she removes her palm from her face and opens her eyes, she gasps in disbelief and astonishment, but we can’t be certain whether her astonishment is of joy, fear, or horror about her husband’s choice of a Christmas gift.

“A Peloton!” she exclaims.

When it is time for her first ride on her brand new Peloton bike, she sighs nervously. Her face looks tense as she talks to her phone camera although many viewers would guess that the image of a woman looking tense and nervous after receiving a Peloton bike for Christmas was not what the creators of the ad intended.

“Six a.m, yay,” she says dejectedly when she wakes up at 6 a.m. She appears to dread having to get out of bed to confront her stationary bike.

When she says after the workout “that it was totally worth it,” her stare looks icy and tormented rather than joyful.

The video fast forwards to a year later and she says in a video addressed to her husband that she did not realize a year ago “how much this [the stationary bike] would change me. Thank you.”

She looks at her husband sitting beside her and the look of gratitude she contrives betrays ambivalence about what appears the gift of a Trojan horse that held her hostage over the year.

A copy of the ad uploaded to Twitter by user Samuel Moen on December 2 left many Twitter users confused about the woman’s body language and demeanor.

Many Twitter users wondered why she looked tense and nervous.

Others commented about the woman’s video documentation of her activities and making her husband watch the video.

Although the woman says she didn’t realize how much the Peloton would change her, Twitter users pointed out that she was already very lean and thin-looking even before she got the Peloton bike gift. She didn’t appear to have changed a bit after a year of working out on the bike.

Many viewers concluded that the ad failed in its attempt to portray the Peloton bike as the perfect holiday gift because the recipient didn’t look convincingly happy about the bike gift.

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