The Royal Family shared an emotional tribute to Prince Philip on one year anniversary of his death

Queen Elizabeth in purple and Prince Philip in a suit riding in a carriage
Queen Elizabeth lost her beloved Prince Philip last year and paid tribute to him with a video montage. Pic credit: Image Collect/Landmark-Media

The Royal family is still mourning the loss of their beloved Prince Philip, one year after his death.

They chose to honor him in a modern way. A video tribute posted to The Royal Family Twitter page on April 9, the anniversary of his passing.

Various photos of Prince Philip were shown along with Poet Laureate Simon Armitage’s poem, The Patriarchs – An Elegy; fitting words indeed.

The montage was captioned, “Remembering His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh on the first anniversary of his death.” Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge shared the video, along with Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall.

Prince Philip’s life was shown in a photo montage as a tribute

In the video, which is a little over 2 minutes long, viewers can enjoy Prince Philip’s photos and his beloved wife, Queen Elizabeth, through the years.

Also included are photos of him when he was younger, of his time in the Royal Navy, his children, grandchildren, and many more.

From the moving tribute, it was clear that Prince Philip lived a full life and was completely devoted to his wife, Queen Elizabeth.

He passed away peacefully on April 9 last year, though the royal family could not give him the bigger funeral he had planned.

With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, the Queen was forced to sit alone in the church, isolated from other family members. It was a tragic and heartbreaking scene. Thus, a recent memorial service for Prince Philip was more than welcome.

The Royal Family held a memorial service at Westminster Abbey

On March 29 of this year, the royal family celebrated Prince Philip’s life at a memorial service at Westminster Abbey, along with 700 charities and organizations, royals from other countries, and royal family members.

It was a beautiful way for the Queen to say goodbye to the man who stood by her side during her entire reign as Queen in the way it was originally planned.

Of course, the 45-minute ceremony was not without its controversial moments. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, were not in attendance due to “safety concerns,” and Prince Andrew walked his mother to her seat in the Abbey, despite all the drama surrounding his settlement in his sexual assault case with Virginia Giuffre.

A BBC documentary about Prince Philip aired in September

In September, a BBC documentary aired about Prince Philip’s life called Prince Philip: The Family Remembers. Tragically, it was supposed to be a documentary that would celebrate his 100th birthday. However, he never made it to that.

In it, Prince Charles recalled his last conversation with his father, claiming he said, “We’re talking about your birthday! And whether there’s going to be a reception!”

Prince Philip’s response showed he still hadn’t lost his cheeky side, saying, “Well, I’ve got to be alive for it, haven’t I?”

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