The Rock shares new XFL logo for 2023, but fans aren’t loving the league’s updated look

The rock at Rampage European Premiere
Dwayne Johnson has shared the new XFL logo for 2023. Pic credit: ©

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently revealed the new XFL logo for 2023, as fans anticipate the return of the football league. Johnson swooped in as part of a group to help buy the league out of bankruptcy several years ago and is looking to take things in a new direction.

Now the league is set for its return next year, with cities and teams still to be announced. However, an updated logo has arrived, courtesy of The Rock.

Unfortunately, it seems many fans didn’t react how The Rock and the XFL may have wanted them to, as more than a few blasted the logo in Rock’s tweet comments.

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The Rock shares XFL 2023 logo: ‘I’m ready. I know you are too.’

Last week, rumors surfaced about The Rock at WrestleMania 38, but the Brahma Bull was nowhere to be seen at the WWE’s massive wrestling show in Texas. His mother was there to witness the events, but her son had other things to worry about, including helping tease a major reveal for the XFL.

In a tweet on Tuesday, The Rock teased that it was time to share the start of XFL 2023’s “new vision, direction & CULTURE.” He shared a quick video clip in which the old XFL logo appears on the screen, then is wiped away in dust several times.

“I’m ready. I know you are too. Let’s play some football,” he wrote.

Rock also tagged his business partner, XFL co-owner Danny Garcia, and hashtagged RedBird Capital, the group that bought the XFL with Rock and Garcia.

On Wednesday, The Rock shared a black and white teaser video clip about the 2023 XFL on his Instagram page to reveal the league’s updated logo.

“For us, this is more than just a new pro football logo; this is a new era of the @XFL ?,” he wrote in part of his caption.

“I’m pumped to reveal our new XFL logo to the world as we continue to strategically build our XFL organization and shape our one of a kind, hungry XFL culture,” he wrote. “Our X represents the INTERSECTION OF DREAMS & OPPORTUNITY.”

The Rock appears in the video clip along with Dani Johnson, as they narrated parts of the video.

“Where passion meets the field of possibility…Welcome to the XFL,” Rock says as the video closes with the new logo reveal.

In early August 2020, CBS Sports reported that The Rock, Danny Garcia, and RedBird Capital purchased the XFL for $15 million, saving the league after being shut down for a second time. The league had been under ownership, including The Rock’s former WWE boss, Vince McMahon, who attempted to relaunch it in 2020. However, the season got canceled ahead of crowning a champion, and the league ended due to COVID-19.

The league first launched in 2001 under a partnership formed between McMahon, Dick Ebersol, and NBC. However, it folded after one season. Now The Rock and his co-owners will attempt to revive the league for the third time in 2023, making it clear they’re heading in a new direction.

Fans react to new XFL logo, compare it to familiar logos

With the official XFL 2023 Twitter also sharing an image of the new logo, it brought disapproval from fans in the comments, many of whom seemed to prefer the previous XFL logo featuring red and blue.

One fan may have summed up many people’s thoughts about the logo and the league’s potential direction by sharing an image.

“Of this was supposed to bring excitement it just caused the opposite effect. Should have done PR studies to make sure you had the right decision before releasing it,” another fan commented.

fan comments on new xfl logo for 2023
Pic credit: @XFL2023/Twitter

One fan shared an image of the logo used by the well-known AXE body spray company.

Another fan commented that they felt the white XFL logo is reminiscent of the Dude Wipes logo.

“It looks like a font an 80s movie would use to depict what they think a future would look 1998,” another fan said in describing the new XFL logo.

fan reacts to xfl logo with 80s movie comment
Pic credit: @XFL2023/Twitter

“Really expected better from @TheRock & @DannyGarciaCo,” a fan tweeted.

fan comments the rock and danny garcia xfl logo
Pic credit: @XFL2023/Twitter

Based on just a sampling of tweets, the new logo wasn’t quite well-received due to how basic the XFL logo looks compared to previous versions. However, one has to think fans will dismiss the logo update once any other big news arrives, including an announcement about the cities and teams coming in 2023.

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