Tara Reid flight drama: Sharknado star thrown off Delta plane after ‘disturbance’

Tara Reid
Tara Reid in American Pie Reunion. Pic credit: Universal Pictures

Tara Reid was booted off a plane yesterday after complaining about being given the wrong seat, according to reports.

Witnesses told TMZ that the Sharknado and American Pie star was angry about not being given a window seat, which she thought she was supposed to have, on the flight to NYC. In addition, she was reportedly upset about not getting a pillow and about the woman in front of her being reclined, as she felt cramped in the space.

Flight attendants are said to have tried to solve the issue, but the captain eventually decided to return to the gate after pushing out to head to the runway.

The cops were not called after Tara reportedly agreed to remove herself and her dog from the Delta Flight from LAX.

Reid’s side of the story, according to TMZ, was that she was promised a window seat and she didn’t get one. The plane reportedly eventually left without her and she later took an alternate flight. No word on whether she got her window seat.

Tara Reid recently made headlines after making several appearances where her face appeared to be changing. She also recently launched her own perfume called Shark by Tara.

Reid has a few upcoming projects, including three movies that are currently in pre-production. The Fifth Boro, Due Justice, and A Perfect Chaos are all set for a 2019 release.

Tara Reid’s last Sharknado movie, The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time, was a TV movie released in 2018.

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