Soulja Boy’s probation violation leads to 240 days in jail — When does former Love & Hip Hop star get out?

Soulja Boy at the Boohoo X Jordyn Woods Fashion Event, Neuehouse, Hollywood,
A probation violation led to Soulja Boy getting sentenced to 240 days in jail. Pic credit: © Bukley

Rapper and former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, is headed to jail after a judge sentenced him to 240 days behind bars.

The sentence stems from a probation violation after a judge determined that Soulja falsified records claiming that he finished his court-ordered community service.

Soulja Boy was arrested on April 11 for the probation violation and though he served 20 days in jail before seeing the judge on Tuesday, he was given credit toward his sentence for 40 days, according to CNN.

In total, his sentence ends up being eight months, however, it already is looking like Soulja will not be spending that entire time behind bars.

If he does end up serving out the full sentence, fans of Soulja Boy can expect the rapper to be released at some point in December 2019.

Additionally, Soulja Boy’s community service requirement has been reinstated and he will be required to serve all 265 days in order to successfully complete it.

Things could have gone much worse for Soulja Boy, as the judge warned him that he was lenient in this case.

Soulja Boy’s attorney, Fred G. Minassian, said of the sentence, “My client is very thankful to the judge that he was sentenced to only 240 days because the judge was initially contemplating a sentence of two years.”

This latest arrest comes just months after the Crank That rapper was accused by one of his ex-girlfriends of tying her up and holding her against her will.

When police showed up to investigate, they raided Soulja Boy’s Agoura Hills home and found ammunition on his property.

Soulja Boy is not allowed to possess any guns or ammunition as he is still on probation following a weapons case from 2014, where he was found carrying a loaded firearm while riding in a car.

He pled no contest during a court appearance after that incident and part of the plea deal included an agreement not to possess guns or ammunition and for the gun in question to be destroyed.

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