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Sam Elliot death hoax: Fake news story claims 74-year-old actor is dead but he is still alive

Sam Elliot
Actor Sam Elliot has been targeted by a celebrity death hoax website. Pic credit: Pic credit: ©

American actor Sam Elliot has been targeted by a political hoax website that claims that he passed away with the following headline ‘Sam Elliot, Famous for Mocking Liberals, Dead at 83.’ Sam Elliot, who is actually 74, has not died, the actor is still alive.

The fake news site Conservative Tears has targeted who they consider being conservative celebrities with death hoaxes. The site frequently attributes fake quotes to celebrities targeted in their death hoaxes.

The fake news spread on Facebook with many fans wondering if the Academy Award-nominated actor is dead.

The actor is a Republican but has taken a neutral position on President Donald Trump, urging people to come together. In an interview published on Metro, Elliot said the following on Trump

“Everybody’s at odds with each other. And nothing against Trump. I think Trump won because he didn’t have someone running against him that was electable. But he spoke to that vast whole out there that had been neglected forever. I’m not saying anything new; we all know the truth of it. But god, just the fact that this guy could get elected president is mind-boggling. It just shows you the state of the union. I don’t understand why we can’t look at the bigger picture and work for the greater good.”

There are no real quotes on the Star is Born actor “mocking liberals” as the fake news story suggest in its title. Sam Elliot does not appear to have social media accounts and has not responded to the rumor.

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