Woman who alleges affair with Rocky Bivens shows cash transactions and ‘proof’ that she is pregnant with his baby

A selfie by Unykue on Instagram
Unykue, who claims she had an affair with LaTocha Scott’s husband, Rocky Bivens, has posted new claims. Pic credit: @unykue/Instagram

The woman who claimed she had an affair with Rocky Bivens has made more claims about her alleged relationship with Xscape member LaTocha Scott’s husband.

The woman, Unykue Foucha, posted several conversations, pregnancy photos, and even cash transactions alleged to be between herself and Rocky.

In a text message she claims is between herself and Rocky, he tells her that he is trying to get himself together because Unykue is good to him. He then compares her to his mother before saying that he won’t let her down again, they are forever connected because of their child, and he loves her forever.

In another pic of a text thread, Rocky allegedly asked Unykue if she was getting a copy of the ultrasound. Unykue said that she was waiting for the ultrasound technician to come in and wished they would hurry up.

Unykue also posted a picture of her sonogram with the last name “Foucha” on it. Next to it is a picture of Unykue showing off a baby bump.

A screenshot of some cashapp transactions was also included. The sender was saved as the name “Billionaire” with the cashapp tag, “$rockybiv.” Those transactions were for various amounts, ranging from $200 to $1,000.

Unykue captioned the post, “I was mislead I said what I said.” She also included the hashtags #kimwaswithpetewhilestillmarried and #yallcelebratedthat.

Unykue’s previous claims of being pregnant

In Unykue’s original post about the alleged affair, she posted a similar sonogram photo. That picture did not include a name or any information about how far along she was.

Unykue’s initial claims about her and Rocky’s relationship were posted the same weekend that the Soul Train Music Awards aired. The four members of Xscape were given the prestigious Lady of Soul Award during the show.

Unykue has since deleted the original post. She also subsequently posted that the two did not have an affair and claimed instead that her page was hacked — before deleting that too and saying that Rocky manipulated her into saying there was no affair.

Neither Rocky nor LaTocha have spoken about the allegations. Monsters and Critics has reached out to Rocky for comment on the claims.

Rocky Bivens and LaTocha’s relationship

Rocky and LaTocha have been married since 1995, and he is also her manager. On LinkedIn, he is described as a talent manager, entertainer, record producer, songwriter, and serial entrepreneur.

The Chicago native was once employed as a bodyguard for R. Kelly. He is now the CEO of Biv Global Management.

LaTocha and Rocky have a son, Jamon, born in 1996. LaTocha has not spoken publically about Unykue’s claims.

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