Remy Ma vs Brittany Taylor: Assault allegations just a ‘money grab’ and ‘no credible evidence’ according to Remy’s publicist

Remy Ma at The 2018 Pre-GRAMMY Gala and GRAMMY Salute to Industry Icons presented by The Recording Academy.
Remy Ma is confident she won’t be charged in the alleged assault of Brittany Taylor. Pic credit: ©

Love & Hip Hop: New York fans have been worried about Remy Ma’s freedom ever since allegations arose that she punched Brittany Taylor in the eye.

Brittany’s accusation turned into a formal investigation and even though Remy has turned herself in and been bailed out, she could face jail time if found guilty.

Despite all that, Remy Ma’s publicist Ernest Dukes released a statement on Monday claiming that there is “no credible evidence” that Remy punched Brittany on April 16, as her Love & Hip Hop: New York co-star claims.

Instead, Dukes claims that Taylor’s claim is nothing but a “money grab” and says that Remy Ma’s team is still deciding if they will countersue.

Dukes’ statement says:

For the past four years and nine months, she has been a model citizen by maintaining employment, completing all mandatory programs, staying drug free, adhering to all rules and has never even had a curfew violation.

This latest statement comes after Remy Ma’s attorney also claimed Brittany Taylor’s claims were fabricated. According to Dawn Florio, Remy couldn’t possibly have been at NYC’s Irving Plaza at the time when Taylor claims the assault occurred.

Instead, Florio claims that security footage from Remy Ma’s home proves that she was at home at 9:30 p.m. that evening and only showed up to the venue at 10:45, just 15 minutes before she was scheduled to perform.

Florio also claimed that no security footage from Irving Plaza will place Remy Ma there earlier than that but that footage does show Brittany Taylor without a black eye after the time she claims that the assault occurred.

These claims of Remy Ma’s innocence come after she turned herself in on May 1 and was booked with misdemeanor assault. She posted bail for $1,500 and was released that same day.

After claiming that she and Remy Ma got into an altercation, Brittany Taylor retained an attorney and asked that any witnesses come forward. So far, it has been reported that no one has come forward with claims that they saw Remy hit Brittany in the eye.

The bigger issue here is that Remy Ma is still on probation after having been released from prison after serving six years.

If convicted of this alleged assault on Brittany Taylor, she could be charged with a probation violation and sent back to jail.

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