Rebel Wilson goes official with Ramona Agruma: ‘What I needed all this time was a Disney Princess’

Rebel Wilson and her girlfriend
Rebel Wilson went public and announced her new girlfriend on social media. Pic credit: @rebelwilson/Instagram

In lieu of pride month, Rebel Wilson has come out and publicly announced her girlfriend to the world on Thursday.

The actress, who recently made a splash with her film Senior Year, shared a photo of her alongside her new boo and founder of Lemon Ve Limon clothing, Ramona Agruma.

Rebel came out after keeping relationship a secret

Although Rebel previously mentioned that she was seeing somebody, she managed to keep Ramona’s “girlfriend” title a secret. Not only did she reveal who she was dating on Instagram, but also eluded to the fact that she should have been looking for a woman to date all along.

The actress shared a selfie of the two smiling wide while Rebel held onto Ramona’s arm.

“I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince… but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess ??? #loveislove,” she wrote in her coming out post.

Friends and fellow celebrities flooded Rebel’s comment section with notes of support. Pitch Perfect co-star Anna Kendrick wrote, “Love you both like crazy.”

Anna Kendrick comment
Pic credit: @rebelwilson/Instagram

Carly Steel joined in to say, “Gorgeous couple & dynamic duo. Love you guys.”

Carly's comment on Rebel's post
Pic credit: @rebelwilson/Instagram

Many fans also wrote in to tell Rebel that the new relationship looked good on her. “Finally you look REALLY HAPPY,” one follower commented.

Comment on Rebel's post
Pic credit: @rebelwilson/Instagram

Some people even took note of the fact that Rebel had posted Ramona on her socials before, but never actually introduced her as her girlfriend. “Not Rebel Wilson showing us in plain sight and none of us seeing it,” one user tweeted.

Rebel’s previous mention of relationship on U Up? podcast

A few weeks ago, Rebel appeared on the U Up? podcast – an audio show that focuses on modern dating presented by Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid.

The actress explained that she found her current partner after many trials of dating “anyone” over the past year.

“I think I went out with about 50 people in that one year, but some of them were just like one date and then you’re like ‘oh, no.’ But did really want to push myself and date a whole bunch of people and get that experience,” she said. “Which I know is not normal, but to me it actually really helped me in finding what I liked and what I didn’t like.”

After talking about the multitude of people she dated, Rebel said that she was currently in a happy relationship – which she explained did not come out of the “50 dates.” Instead, the two met after being set up by a friend and instantly connected with each other.

“I was on and off on the Raya app, but this was a friend set up,” she revealed. “He had known both of us for at least five years and he thought we would hit it off, and then we did!”

Happy Pride Month to Rebel and her new girlfriend, Ramona!

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