Queen was blindsided by Harry’s attack against Royal Family after giving her blessing to Apple TV+ series project

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Prince Harry allegedly misled the Queen when he pitched his Apple TV+ series to her as a show about veterans’ mental health, it has been claimed. Pic credit: ©

The Queen reportedly approved Harry’s Apple TV+ series, The Me You Can’t See, after being made to believe that the series would focus on veterans’ mental health, it has been claimed.

Harry reportedly pitched the show to the Queen in 2018 before Megxit caused tensions between him and the Royal Family.

The Duke of Sussex reportedly told the Queen and other Royal Family members that he planned to collaborate with the TV mogul Oprah Winfrey on a series that will focus on veterans’ mental health.

Royal sources reportedly claim that Harry pitching the show to the Queen as a series about veterans’ mental health was “clearly misleading” because he has instead used it to launch attacks against the Royal Family, Express reported.

The Queen was “absolutely gobsmacked” about Harry’s attack against the Royal Family

A source revealed that the Queen was “absolutely gobsmacked” by Harry’s attacks against the Royal Family and that Harry’s action has eroded trust between him and the rest of his family.

According to the royal source, the Queen had no idea that Harry would go on the show to accuse the Royal Family of “total neglect” and question his father’s parenting skills.

“Those around the Queen and Prince Charles are absolutely gobsmacked by what has happened,” the royal source said. “It is a question of trust, and honestly, any of that is hanging by a thread at the moment.”

The source added that although members of the Royal Family have sympathy for Harry’s mental health struggles, they never expected that he would use his platform to “paint a very negative picture of his family and upbringing.”

Harry accused Prince Charles of making his children suffer

Harry claimed on his Apple TV+ show, The Me You Can’t See, that Charles made him and Prince William suffer as children. He claimed that the Prince of Wales told him and William that “it was like that for me, so it’s going to be like that for you.”

Harry then wondered why his father thought that he and William had to suffer because he suffered as a child. He said he expected that if Charles’s parents made him suffer as a child, he would try to ensure he did not pass on the suffering to his children.

Harry also said that life as a member of the Royal Family was a “nightmare.”

He said that he suffered media intrusion into his privacy even while he was struggling to cope with the grief of the loss of his mother, Princess Diana. According to Harry, members of the Royal Family did not show sympathy. Instead, they told him to learn how to “play the game” and adjust to being constantly in the public eye.

The Duke of Sussex also accused the Royal Family of “total neglect.” He said the Royal Family refused to help when Meghan said she was having suicidal thoughts and that their requests for help were “met with total silence, total neglect.”

Harry also alleged that the Royal Family and the British media attempted to “smear” Meghan. He said he and Meghan were forced to step down as senior working members of the Royal Family after spending “four years trying to make it work.”

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Dg simpson
Dg simpson
2 years ago

Families have changed in the last 95 years. You are lucky if have a family close that upholds your family values. Please get someone to brief you on generational differences. Harry does not seem to respect you as you need. Think about new ways to administer consequences.