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Queen Key is pregnant: Rapper having triplets!

Queen Key at the hospital for her sonogram
The My Way rapper Queen Key announced her pregnancy with triplets. Pic credit: Queen Key /Youtube

Queen Key pregnant and she’s having triplets. The 23-year-old rapper announced the news on Thanksgiving with posts on Instagram and Twitter.

In a video posted Thursday, but dated October 8 of this year, the My Way rapper can be seen receiving a sonogram when the doctor informs her that she is having triplets.

The doctor states that they come across triplets maybe once or twice a year, she adds that they can be spontaneous or as a result of fertility treatment.

The doctor confirms that Queen Key’s triplets were of the spontaneous variety. The Chicago born rapper then states that she’s “gonna cry.”

The video then plays an excerpt from her single Baked as a Pie as she holds up photos of the babies from the sonogram.

In the message accompanying the video, she thanks God and says that she has found pregnancy to be “one of the greatest gifts of life.”

She admits she never thought of herself as having kids, but also that she “can’t wait  to see them, touch them, love them.”

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I done thought of like 20 dif ways to start what I’m going to say but really all I can say is Thankyou God, the universe always has a way of showing me that I’m so special, well long story short niggas I’m having triplets 😩 & I’m happy about it 😩 I’ve learned that one of the greatest gifts of life is life itself, and being able to carry different lives inside of u is a totally different feeling…. I would’ve never thought me out of all people would be having kids… and triplets at that. God always shows me that I’m so strong, when i made my babies I was being irresponsible…. af, but they’re now my biggest responsibility, I can’t wait to see them, touch them, love them… (well I already love them.) these past few months I’ve learned so much about myself, I love me, my ability to adapt is like no other, I’m superwoman 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ve also learned a lot about the people around me and people in general. If u helped me keep my lil “secret” family and friends thankyou so much i really appreciate it, if u found out randomly and still didn’t say anything cause u know I’ll beat yo ass, thank u i appreciate u as well. One thing I know is that I believe in myself, my babies are apart of my journey, apart of my life & im sharing this moment w/ y’all just to let u know God is real & shit happens, I’ll never be ashamed of anything God gives me.. realize blessings when they come, fear is not real… if anything ima show mfs how to do it… damn this a big ass paragraph. Well, Happy thanksgiving, I’m thankful for life… my babies🥰, my calling, & my position in this world🧚🏾‍♀️ enjoy my new show Key + 3, this episode gives you an inside look on the first couple of months of my pregnancy(I was sick & crazy as a bitch😭😭😭) link in my bio❤️👑💩

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She later posted a mirror selfie of herself proudly showing off her baby bump with the message, “Mama’s got a life too b****h.”

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Mama gotta have a life too bitch😭🧚🏾‍♀️

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Messages of congratulations came quickly flooding in.

The rapper posted a new show on Youtube, Key+3, which documents the first couple of months of her pregnancy.

She states that she’s had some difficulty with the pregnancy making her “sick and crazy,” but she also speaks of her ability to adapt and refers to herself as “Superwoman.”

In September, she posted a somewhat cryptic tweet, which seemed to be denying she might be pregnant.

Queen Key hasn’t revealed who the father is. Rumors suggested that 600Breezy might have been the father, but he has since debunked the rumors.

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