Queen Elizabeth met with Justin Trudeau for first in-person meeting after COVID-19 recovery

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II attends the National Services of Thanksgiving at St. Paul's Cathedral in honor of her 90th birthday.
Queen Elizabeth met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for her first in-person meeting since she came down with COVID-19 in February. ©

Queen Elizabeth has returned to some normalcy.

Her Majesty invited Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Windsor Castle recently for her first in-person meeting since officially recovering from COVID-19.

The Queen was diagnosed on February 20th and reportedly experienced relatively mild symptoms with the illness. She stepped away from public duties while she worked on getting better.

Queen Elizabeth met with Justin Trudeau at Windsor Castle after recovering from COVID-19

Justin Trudeau was invited to join the Queen at her home, which is now located in Windsor Castle after she permanently moved out of her former residence at Buckingham Palace following her COVID-19 diagnosis.

Queen Elizabeth appeared to be doing well during her meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister. The two were seen chatting in front of a blue-and-yellow floral arrangement.

The color choice of the flowers could be a nod of support for Ukraine. Yellow and blue are the country’s flag’s colors, while Russia continues to relentlessly attack Ukrainian citizens and soldiers.

The meeting with Trudeau came about a week after the Queen met with Prince William and Kate Middleton, along with the royal couple’s three children, for a small family get-together following the Queen’s recovery.

Queen Elizabeth returned to work virtually in March

The Queen, who turned 95 last summer and suffered the loss of her husband, Prince Philip, just last spring, had England and the royal family breathing a sigh of relief when she resumed her duties as monarch and held virtual meetings after she was deemed to be coming out the other side of her bout with COVID-19.

With a death-hoax having floated around the internet regarding the Queen, the Palace broke their silence about the Queen’s health and reported that she was well enough to return to work via video conferences.

Meeting first with foreign ambassadors in two separate virtual meetings, Queen Elizabeth then continued her duties with letter writing, having cancelled some other meetings she supposed to hold on video the following week.

Thankfully, Queen Elizabeth’s COVID-19 diagnosis came after she celebrated the beginning of a year-long Platinum Jubilee on February 6th, a commemoration of 70 years of service to the people of the United Kingdom. It’s the first Platinum Jubilee ever to be held for a British Monarch.

With her COVID-19 diagnosis and recovery behind her, Queen Elizabeth can now fully resume her in-person duties. Her meeting with Justin Trudeau is the first of what will likely be many coming up as the Queen catches up on work.

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