Royal family ‘holding their breath’ as Queen Elizabeth fights COVID-19

Queen Elizabeth health update
Queen Elizabeth continues to battle COVID-19 but Buckingham Palace has not released any updates. Pic credit: © Mayhew/Landmark Media

Queen Elizabeth’s health has left the Royal family concerned as the 95-year-old continues to battle COVID-19.

Last Sunday, Buckingham Palace announced that the elderly monarch had tested positive for COVID-19 and was experiencing “mild, cold-like symptoms.” Her diagnosis came after she reportedly had a visit from Prince Charles.

In a follow-up statement, after Elizabeth II canceled all virtual meetings but was expected “to continue light duties at Windsor.”

Buckingham Palace has not released much detail on the Queen’s current status, which has led to death rumors, which was later proven to be a false flag.

The Royal family is very worried about Queen Elizabeth amid COVID-19 battle

It is unclear what is meant by “light duties” in regard to the British head of state continuing to work.

The monarch sent a letter congratulating the British Olympic team and offered condolences to the people of Brazil following the devastating flooding that caused landslides in Petropolis.

These moves suggest that she can sign or write letters during her COVID-19 battle.

According to sources close to OK! Magazine, the Royal family is extremely worried about her wellbeing.

“Queen Elizabeth has been an absolute rock throughout her 70 years on the throne, and people would be shell-shocked if she fell ill,” a source told the publication, continuing, “Everyone is holding their breath that she’ll come through this safely.”

Elizabeth II’s recent health scares also added to the anxiety of her relatives.

“Everyone in the family is praying that Her Majesty is going to be okay. But there are worries that she may have been exposed at the worst possible time,” the source said.

Prior to her COVID-19 diagnosis, the Queen suffered a strained back and was hospitalized that same month.

In addition, Buckingham Palace never confirmed whether she received her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine or the booster jab: “There is mounting distress that her immune system might not be able to stand up to the virus — it’s a terrifying time.”

Is Buckingham Palace being secretive with Queen Elizabeth’s health?

There are many burning questions about the British Queen’s health. She has not appeared on video since her diagnosis.

Some observers have accused the palace of being secretive with her health, arguing the British public has a right to know about the head of state’s wellbeing.

While they have given updates on her health, Bucking Palace stated they will not give “running commentary” on her medical condition, according to Reuters.

Despite being a public figure, Elizabeth II has a right to medical privacy as with other governing officials.

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