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Prince William and Kate Middleton ‘are overwhelmed with remorse’ after ‘eye opening’ Caribbean trip 

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton have an overwhelming Caribbean trip. Pic credit: ©

​​Prince William and Duchess Kate learned a lot on their recent Caribbean royal tour. 

The Royals toured the Caribbean last week in a move that was called tone-deaf by critics. The eight-day tour had stops in Belize, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.  

Some citizens of Belize protested the arrival of the Royal family members. Jamaicans also held protests against William and Kate and demanded they apologize for colonialism.

But despite the PR backlash, it seemed that some good came from the trip. The Royals are allegedly feeling remorseful after their trip to Jamaica. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton feel ‘remorse’ after ‘eye opening’ Caribbean trip 

A source opened up about William and Kate’s recent tour of the Caribbean. The two had to cancel engagements after indigenous peoples did not welcome the couple on protected lands. 

The source said of the trip, “It was certainly more challenging than expected given the protests. They obviously know the history, but being there during the protests was a real eye-opener.” 

At a dinner with Jamaican diplomats, William was introspective and reflective. He declared Britain’s past “abhorrent” and expressed “profound sorrow.” He said, “The appalling atrocity of slavery forever stains our history.” 

The source continued that Kate and William reflected some more upon their return to England. The Duke and Duchess wish to “strengthen their relationship” with Commonwealth leaders. 

Furthermore, the future King of England cannot alter the past but looks to the future. 

The source continues, “They can’t change what has happened in the past so are focusing on the future.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton met with resistance on the Caribbean trip

Prince Will and Duchess Kate met resistance in every country during the tour, something the two were not expecting.

The Duke and Duchess had to cancel their first planned outing in Belize at an indigenous peoples’ sustainable cocoa farm. The residents of the cocoa farm at Indian Creek protested the royal arrival. 

Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, expressed his country’s desire for independence to Kate and William. 

Holness said, “Jamaica is a very free and liberal country, and the people are very expressive — and I’m certain that you would have seen the spectrum of expressions yesterday.”

Queen Elizabeth is still the head of state of Jamaica, but protestors want her removed as she was in Barbados. They cite the atrocities and inequalities perpetrated by colonialism as reasons for Queen Elizabeth’s removal.

Although the English Monarchy met resistance at every stop of the Caribbean tour, the words of sources indicate a desire to evolve and change with the times.

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  1. I think it’s about time that no one should be ruled by anyone. Freedom of speech, etc., is a must to all people.I’ve seen the poverty in these places where the “monarchs” and I felt sad then and still feel sad.


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