Prince Harry feels ‘massively at peace’ living in California, can’t say same about UK

Prince Harry
Prince Harry opened up about feeling at home in California and discussed his love for his grandmother. Pic credit: ©

It’s been a little over two years since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from their royal duties and moved to California, but as far as Harry’s concerned, the move was the right choice to make.

Harry and Meghan have made headlines throughout their relationship but they’ve been heavily scrutinized since their move to the States as they have not been around Harry’s family back home almost at all.

However, Harry revealed that he feels at home in California, more so than he ever did in the UK, and he does not regret his decision to move away.

Prince Harry feels welcome in Santa Barbara

In an interview with Today’s Hoda Kotb, Harry said, “Home for me now is, for the time being, is in the States and it feels that way, as well. We’ve been welcomed with open arms and have such a great community in Santa Barbara.”

He also admitted that it doesn’t feel weird or odd to say that he feels more commutable in California rather than in London, but he’s “sure it’ll become a thing.”

He added as well that he isn’t sure if anyone feels “truly peaceful,” but “at times, I feel massively at peace.”

He revealed that “with everything that’s going on in the world and trying to help and use the platform,” he believes that so many people struggle with feeling helpless on a daily basis.

While his platform is focused on helping people around the world and helping to alleviate that sense of helplessness, Harry took a step forward to try to mend his relationships with his family back home, a task that may feel helpless at times.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had tea with Queen Elizabeth

During his interview with Hoda Kotb, Harry discussed his visit with the Queen while on the way to the Invictus Games in the Netherlands.

He said that he and Meghan had tea with his grandmother and “it was really nice to catch up with her.” He added that she was doing well ahead of her 96th birthday on Thursday, April 21.

He was very sentimental about his time spent with his grandmother, revealing that “her sense of humor and her ability to see humor” is his favorite thing about her.

Harry continued, “We have a really special relationship,” and revealed, “We talk about things that she can’t talk about with anybody else.” He did confess that he’s not sure if he will be able to attend her Platinum Jubilee this summer, but sources believe Harry will try his best to be there.

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