Prince Harry and James Corden filmed Carpool Karaoke on double-decker bus in LA

Prince Harry and James Corden on the red carpet
Prince Harry and James Corden met up in LA to sing karaoke and to chat about their lives in America. Pic credit: © and Featureflash

Prince Harry and James Cordon were spotted on Friday evening hanging out on a double-decker tour bus while traveling around Los Angeles.

The pair have been good friends for a good few years now, and Corden, 42, attended the Prince’s wedding to Meghan Markle in 2018.

However, it seems the pair weren’t just shooting the breeze, as it’s been reported that they were filming a segment of Carpool Karaoke for Corden’s talk show, The Late Late Show.

A source told People that Harry and James used the open-topped and thoroughly British themed bus to film a “COVID appropriate” segment of Carpool Karaoke.

There’s no word yet on what the Duke of Sussex decided to sing (Wheels on the Bus, perhaps?), but frankly, music fans shouldn’t hold their breath, as Harry is not known to have a particularly angelic singing voice.

Prince Harry gave James Corden a COVID safe interview

Reportedly and maybe thankfully, it wasn’t all singing on the bus, as the British duo also discussed Harry and Meghan’s new life in the Golden State.

The Royal couple is currently living just outside LA in Montecito after picking up a $14 million pad just last year. Unfortunately, Meghan didn’t join the party, electing to stay at home instead.

However, the two guys were joined by a CBS TV crew with three cameras, a police escort, and the Prince’s security detail.

The pair were clearly having a great time as they were spotted laughing their heads off as they paraded around various LA landmarks in the midday sun.

Fans excited about Corden and Prince Harry performing karaoke

They pulled out of the CBS lot at about noon on Friday afternoon, and some fans took to Twitter to express their excitement.

Fans were “curious” about what the pair were plotting.

Pic credit: @gingio/Twitter

It’s safe to say all fans are looking forward to this segment hitting our TV screens and YouTube soon.

In 2018, Corden said on his show that he had known Harry for seven years, and he referred to the Royal wedding as “one of the most beautiful ceremonies I’ve ever been to.” He added: “It was gorgeous, it was a whole affair, it was happy, it was joyous, it was uplifting.”

In other Royal news, Queen Elizabeth II reached an incredible milestone over the weekend as she reached an incredible 69 years on the throne as Queen of England.

The anniversary has come just as the Queen began mourning the loss of her close friend and former Master of the Horse, Lord Samuel Vestey, who sadly passed away last week.

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