Prince Harry allegedly found out about Queen’s death from a news report

Prince Harry close up
Prince Harry allegedly found out about the Queen’s death from a news report. Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry allegedly found out about the death of Queen Elizabeth II from the news just minutes before landing at Aberdeen airport.

Reports have come out claiming Harry saw a breaking news notification pop up on his phone after the plane landed, however, these reports are conflicting.

Earlier reports from The Telegraph claimed Prince Harry found out about the Queen’s death from his father, King Charles III.

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But, Charles had a hard time reaching Harry, and despite repeated attempts to get a hold of him, the call never made it through.

Sources within Buckingham Palace claimed all family members were told of the Queen’s passing before the news was announced to the world.

The source claimed, “The official announcement was delayed until after everybody had been told.”

Prince Harry missed his flight with other family members after an argument over Meghan Markle

In a rush to see the Queen after her declining health was revealed by doctors, members of the royal family all took a flight to Aberdeen airport in a mad dash to see her before she died.

The flight included Harry’s brother Prince William, Sophie and Edward Wessex, and Prince Andrew, who were all seen speeding into Balmoral in a blue Range Rover as they rushed to see their beloved matriarch.

Prince Harry, however, was left behind after an argument between himself and his father, King Charles III, who did not think it was “appropriate” for Meghan Markle to head up to Balmoral with him.

Harry ended up having to charter a flight to take himself to Aberdeen airport, and was seen in the back of a car being driven into Balmoral not long after the death of the Queen was announced.

Prince Harry snubbed a dinner with King Charles III the night of the Queen’s death

Harry reportedly snubbed a dinner with King Charles III, Queen Consort Camila, and his brother the Prince of Wales, as he was so livid with them for not allowing Meghan to join him.

Harry ate dinner with Prince Andrew and the Wessexes at Balmoral and left early the next morning.

Prince Harry and Prince William put on a united front for the public

In the following days, Prince Harry as well as his father and brother, seemingly put their differences aside in a public capacity. Prince William invited Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to join him and his wife Kate Middleton on a walkabout in front of Windsor Castle.

Despite the show of unity, the two couples never interacted besides a few words over logistics.

Prince Harry and his brother were seen together a few more times over the mourning period for the Queen, including walking together in a procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall and holding a Saturday evening vigil with the Queen’s six other grandchildren.

It’s unclear how things ended between the brothers, but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle flew home to Montecito, California, just 24 hours after the Queen’s funeral.

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