Previous Engagements: Everything to know about Drake’s engagement ring necklace with 42 diamonds

Drake arrives at The Sugar Factory in 2017
Drake had a necklace custom-made with 42 engagement ring diamonds – one for each of the women he has wanted to propose to. Pic credit: ©

Most individuals hope to meet at least one person they’d like to propose to during their lifetime. However, singer Aubrey Drake Graham, known professionally as Drake, revealed he has wanted to propose 42 times, and now he has a 42-diamond necklace to commemorate the fact.

Drake’s latest piece of bling was created by Celebrity Jeweler Alex Moss and is called “Previous Engagements.” The gorgeous necklace is a tribute to 42 women who Drake met throughout his life and wanted to propose to but ultimately didn’t.

The necklace contains 42 engagement ring diamonds, one for each of his past loves. Combined, the 42 diamonds equal an astounding total carat weight of 351.38 carats.

Additionally, the necklace was made using 18k white gold, meaning the necklace’s setting is roughly 75% pure gold. Each diamond was set using the eagle claw technique, which means they’re prong-set, but the prongs end at a point like eagle claws instead of being rounded.

Each diamond was hand selected by Moss and varied in shape. Many of the diamonds were Asscher, round, or princess cut, while a few others were cushion, pear, or emerald cut.

According to Moss, the entire necklace was hand-crafted and took 14 months to complete.

Alex Moss and Darke debuted “Previous Engagements”

Drake wore the piece for the first time on December 10th. He wore it to his songwriting partner Lil Baby’s birthday concert in Atlanta.

Moss took to social media to officially introduce the piece after Drake wore it for the first time. He shared a short video that gave a close-up look at the gorgeous piece.

In addition to hand-selecting each diamond, the video indicated that Moss searched for diamonds of the utmost perfection. Each diamond appeared nearly flawless and colorless as the video panned over them.

The video also called Previous Engagements a “true wonder in the jewelry world” and a piece that bordered on the “impossible.”

Drake’s necklace seemed to be pure gold and high-quality diamond, truly being the equivalent of a staggering 42 top-notch engagement rings.

What is Drake’s engagement ring necklace worth?

While Moss shared several details about Drake’s necklace, he opted not to reveal how much the necklace is worth. However, given that the carat weight and gold weight were given, a rough estimate could be made.

Natural Diamond estimated that the necklace could easily be worth $13 million. This number is believable, especially given that Moss indicated the natural diamonds were of the highest quality.

Meanwhile, just one carat of a natural diamond that is colorless and internally flawless can easily reach $25,000 or more. Assuming each carat was worth, at minimum, 25k, that already brings the value over $8 million.

In addition to this, value is further added based on each diamond’s specific cut and individual weight. Each diamond on the necklace was eight to ten carats in weight making them much, much rarer and more valuable than a 1 carat flawless, colorless diamond.

Diamond cuts, like the Asscher or round brilliant, are also ways to add more value to a diamond in addition to its intrinsic value. Plus, all 42 diamonds featured 18k gold settings, prongs, and gold connecting the full necklace.

Those factors could easily add another $5 million to the piece, resulting in a hefty $13 million necklace. Diamond expert Zack Stone also estimated the price to be about $12.5 million.

While the necklace is likely in the tens of millions of dollars range, its exact worth can’t be pinpointed without knowing the exact quality of the piece.

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