PJ Washington appears to accuse Brittany Renner of faking relationship after couple reportedly split

Britanny Renner and Pj Washington Instagram photos
PJ Washington tweets alluding to his relationship with Brittany Renner drew many reactions on social media. Pic credit: Brittany Renner/Instagram/PJ Washington/Instagram

Model and author Brittany Renner and Charlotte Hornets forward PJ Washington reportedly split last week after the former couple unfollowed each other on social media and left cryptic messages alluding to a breakup.

According to Total Pro Sports, Washington and Renner took to their Instagram stories after the former couple deleted photos of each other on the platform.

He wrote a message that appeared to be directed at Renner: “You can never build a kingdom with someone who still craves attention from the village.”

On the other hand, Renner posted a cryptic message of optimism following their reported split in part with the following:

“When things don’t work out, there’s something better coming.”

Renner nor Washington have publicly confirmed or denied their split.

Following rumors and speculation, Washington and Renner announced their relationship in February and welcomed a baby boy about two months ago.

PJ Washington tweeted and deleted “You was faking it all along,” which got a strong reaction from Twitter as many assumed he was referring to his relationship with Renner.

Renner is best known for her tell-all book titled Judge This Cover and her Instagram following.

As previously reported, Renner wrote about her sexual experiences with numerous athletes and entertainers, such as Lil Uzi Vert, Chris Brown, and Colin Kaepernick.

Twitter reacts to PJ Washington and Renner’s reported split

PJ Washington and Brittany Renner began trending on social media after the basketball player tweeted then deleted the cryptic message that alluded to his relationship with the author.

Some Twitter users accused the 29-year-old model of ‘grooming’ the 22-year-old basketball player.

Several memes were posted on the social media platform, alluding to the child support payments and Renner’s dating history.

One Twitter user said the following to mock Washington by implying that he will pay a large sum in child support.

“Pj Washington has signed his baby mother Brittany Renner to an 18-year deal that will reportedly pay Renner an average of 250k per month, The deal expires on May 6, 2039.”

One Twitter said the basketball star is a victim of a setup.

Washington was mocked for dating the model who wrote a book partly about sleeping with famous athletes.

Renner ‘dumb athletes’ comment resurfaces

Following the social media reaction to PJ Washington’s deleted tweet, Renner’s comments about advising women to use athletes for a ‘come up’ have resurfaced.

In 2018 after bragging about how many entertainers and athletes she slept with, Renner advised women who want to get pregnant by a wealthy man to target athletes.

After referring to athletes as the worst people to deal with, Renner said the following:

“… none of them use condoms literally, so if y’all really wanna try and come up off a check off a man, you could just hook an athlete they are really dumb.”

Many Twitter users argued that PJ Washington failed to see the red flags while others defended the basketball player due to his age.

However, it is unknown why the couple reportedly split as neither of them has confirmed their relationship status.

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