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Penny Lancaster works to become a policewoman, Rod Stewart’s wife looks forward to training

Penny Lancaster And Rod Stewart
Penny Lancaster is on her way to be becoming a police officer. Pic credit:

Penny Lancaster is working to become a police officer. The wife of Sir Rod Stewart is already deep into the process, and she is excited to get the training started.

Lancaster was speaking with her former Strictly Come Dancing partner Ian Waite on an Instagram Live chat when she revealed her plans to do everything it takes to become a policewoman.

Penny Lancaster inspired to become a cop

It turns out that while Lancaster was taking part in the Famous and Fighting Crime series last year that the experience gave her some inspiration. Now, she is taking some steps to possibly make it happen.

While speaking with Ian Waite, Lancaster stated, “It was terrifying, but I never felt more comfortable in a position, and I felt like this was where I was supposed to be.”

The story didn’t end there, though, as Lancaster revealed that she had already signed up to be an officer. That was a huge revelation during the chat and something that may have caught her fans off guard.

Lancaster went on to explain that, “I had to sit exams, English, and maths-type of exams, and go for an interview with two officers. And then I did a fitness test, so I had to get fit for that… It was pretty tricky, and I passed.”

She then said, “Then I had to do this massive vetting form going through all personal details of myself, my family, people I know, and all that kind of thing.”

Will Lancaster become a cop?

A lot of celebrities tend to make bold statements when giving interviews and then don’t follow through with it. Sometimes they just say things in jest because it is amusing at the time. That’s not the case with Lancaster.

Later in the interview, she spoke about how she can “actually serve the community” and that she is “going to become a police officer for the City Police in London.”

That’s a lofty goal for the 49-year-old photographer, but she has the support of her famous husband — singer Sir Rod Stewart — behind her for every step.

It also goes to show that by taking part in projects that help expose celebrities to what goes on around the world, many of them are willing to step up and help others.

That was certainly the case for actress Angelina Jolie, who used her birthday to make a huge donation that will help the community.

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