Pastor David Wilson: Twitter reacts to viral video you can’t unsee

Pastor David E. Wilson
Pastor David Wilson, who is alleged to be the man in the NSFW video. Pic credit: Jason Wilson/Facebook

“Pastor Wilson” ended up trending at the top of Twitter last night — after a video went viral claiming to show Texas pastor David E. Wilson carrying out a NSFW act.

The clip, which users claimed showed the pastor getting intimate with a woman who isn’t his wife, was viewed and shared hundreds of thousands of times. No censorship was provided by Twitter for the explicit video, and if you came across the footage it wasn’t something you could unsee.

The family of the pastor, from Texarkana, Texas, have reportedly said they do not know if the video is real, and it has not been verified that the man shown in the footage is in fact him.

However, that didn’t stop Twitter from having a lot to say about it, with one user joking, “after seeing that video, I probably should start going to church.”

Who is Pastor David Wilson?

According to the Black Preaching Network, Dr. David E. Wilson is a Senior Pastor at BibleWay Ministries & World Out Reach, Inc.

He is said to have attended the Southwest Bible College and Seminary, and at the time his bio page was created he had been a minister for 32 years and a pastor for 25.

He wrote, “I’m a motivator and love to see lives transformed to the Glory of God.” A post by his son on Facebook, showing a picture of them together, had received nearly 30,000 comments by this morning as a result of the viral video, and had been shared 5,000 times.

One user commented, “I’m going to hell for laughing at these comments.”

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