Padma Lakshmi mistaken for Priyanka Chopra by the New Yorker on Instagram

Padma Lakshmi posing on red carpet
Padma Lakshmi was mistaken for Priyanka Chopra by New Yorker magazine. Pic credit: © / Zumapress

Indian born model, actress, and host of cooking competition show Top Chef, Padma Lakshmi was mistaken for fellow Indian born model and actress Priyanka Chopra by the New Yorker magazine.

The error occurred when the magazine accidentally tagged Chopra on their Instagram account rather than the Top Chef host.

Lakshmi, 49, partook in the New Yorker’s celebrity cartoon takeover, where she was required to choose her favorite cartoon from the magazine. Lakshmi shared this honor with many other celebrities such as Steve Martin, Mindy Kaling, Seth Meyers, Sarah Silverman, Judd Apatow, and many more.

However, when the magazine which is famed for its witty and satirical cartoons, incorrectly tagged Chopra, 37, instead of Lakshmi, she had a suitably witty and cutting response to their error.

Having taken a screenshot of the New Yorker’s post, she reposted on her account with the words “thank you to the illustrious @nydailynews for the shout out.”

“I know to some we all look alike, but” she then followed with a shrugging emoji and the hashtags #desilife and #justidianthings.

Several celebrities responded to her post. Natalie Portman replied with a simple, “oh no.” Others responded with “yikes,” “OMG,” and “NOPE.” One user suggested that this was the “equivalent of tagging Christina Aguilera in a photo of Britney Spears.”

The original post by the New Yorker appears to have been deleted.

What was Lakshmi’s favorite cartoon?

And if you’re wondering what cartoon Lakshmi went for as her favorite, well, the New Yorker posted it on Twitter. Thankfully, this time tagging the correct celebrity of Indian descent. The cartoon appears to have a dig at New York’s infamous hotdog sellers.

As a hotdog seller hands over one of his wares, he says, “They’re marinated in hot water for six hours.” Take that, hotdog sellers!

A New Yorker cartoon
Pic credit: @NewYorker / Twitter

Padma Lakshmi was born in Chennai, India, but is now an American citizen. She has spoken out about the difficulties she encountered as a migrant. She was married to world-renowned author Salmon Rushdie.

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