Orthostatic Intolerance: What is condition suffered by Wiggles singer Greg Page?

The Wiggles' Greg Page
Yellow Wiggle Greg Page collapsed at a concert in Sydney on Friday. He was previously diagnosed with orthostatic intolerance. Pic credit:

Yellow Wiggle Greg Page, The Wiggles’ lead singer, collapsed on Friday during a special charity reunion concert in Sydney near the end of the show as the group prepared to perform their last song, Hot Potato.

A video that emerged online yesterday showed him collapsing at the sold-out concert at Castle Hill RSL in Sydney.

Greg Page Yellow Wiggle Collapses On Stage || Live Footages
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The concert was organized to raise money for groups directly involved in efforts to put out the devastating bush fires in Australia.

The concert abruptly stopped when Page collapsed, and EMS workers rushed to provide first aid. Shortly afterward, Murray Cook, the original Red Wiggle, appeared on stage to announce to anxious fans that Page was unwell and that he needed medical attention.

The rest of the band then performed Hot Potato without Page and dedicated the performance to him.

The group’s official Twitter page later announced that Page was recovering at the hospital. He was receiving treatment at Westmead Hospital, according to the Daily Mail.

“At the end of the show this evening there was a medical incident off stage involving Greg Pace. Medics were called immediately and he was taken to hospital where he is receiving more treatment. We will provide more information as it comes to hand.”

The Twitter page later posted another update:

Page has a history of orthostatic intolerance

Page, a founding member of the beloved Australian children’s music group, retired from The Wiggles in 2006 after he was diagnosed with orthostatic intolerance.

The Wiggles was formed in 1991. The group became famous around the world and has sold millions of albums and DVDs. They are known for wearing brightly colored — blue, red, yellow and purple — sweaters.

After the original lineup that included Greg Page retired, a new lineup was formed in 2013. Friday’s concert was the first time that the original Wiggles have performed together in several years, according to CNN.

What is orthostatic intolerance?

Orthostatic intolerance is a cardiovascular disorder that causes blood to pool in the legs as a result of gravity and low blood pressure (orthostatic hypotension) when someone stands for long periods.

This leads to a situation where not enough blood is reaching the upper parts of the body, especially the brain. In healthy individuals, the autonomic nervous stem maintains sufficient blood flow to the brain by increasing blood pressure.

Insufficient blood flow to the brain could cause the sufferer to faint and collapse. The collapse often helps to restore normal blood flow as the cardiovascular system does not have to work against gravity to pump blood to the brain when the body is in a recumbent position.

Orthostatic intolerance could result from several conditions, including vascular system disease, heart disease, and disorders of the nervous system.

The condition can be managed with a change in lifestyle and medications, such as beta-blockers. Patients are also advised to increase water and salt intake to increase blood volume.

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