No, Chuck Norris was not at the U.S. Capital riot: Who was the Walker, Texas Ranger actor lookalike?

Actor Chuck Norris
A photo showing a Chuck Norris lookalike at the U.S. Capitol went viral on social media. Pic credit: ©

A photo purporting to show actor Chuck Norris at the U.S. Capitol riot on Wednesday, June 6 went viral on Twitter.

Twitter user @NunesDrag took to the social media site yesterday to upload a photo that showed a man resembling the legendary actor posing alongside another person identified as Matt Bledsoe (see video below).

The photo was reportedly taken at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

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“Wait, so are we just not going to mention the fact that Chuck Norris was at the MAGA insurrection?” the Twitter user captioned the photo.

Chuck Norris lookalike at Capitol riots

The user also uploaded a video showing a series of clips and photos taken in Washington D.C. and the Capitol. It included the photo showing Bledsoe posing with the man who looked like Chuck Norris.

The photo went viral on Twitter

The photo immediately went viral on Twitter. Many social media users believed it to show the legendary martial artist and actor, best known for action movies such as Way of the Dragon, Lone Wolf McQuade, and the TV series, Walker, Texas Ranger.

Many believed it could be Norris because the actor is a Republican who endorsed President Trump back in 2016.

But some social media users argued that the person was only a lookalike, while others simply laughed at the notion that 80-year-old Norris would be at a riot at the Capitol.

Some posted joking comments and shared Chuck Norris memes.

Chuck Norris’s rep denied he was at the Capitol

Later on Tuesday, Erik Kritzer, a spokesperson for Norris, issued a statement denying that the photo showed the actor. He added that Norris was “on his range in Texas” while the deadly events unfolded in Washington D.C.

“This is not Chuck Norris and is a wannabe lookalike, although Chuck is much more handsome,” Kritzer said, according to NBC News. “Chuck remains on his range in Texas where he has been with his family.”

Norris also took to Twitter to deny the allegation

Chuck Norris himself also later took to Instagram and Twitter to deny the allegation.


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Twitter user @NunesDrag later posted an apology on Twitter.

So, who was the Chuck Norris look-alike?

We don’t yet know who the Chuck Norris look alike was. We will update this page when we have the information.

So, please stay tuned.

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