Nik Wallenda promotes controversial Skinny Brew coffee during volcano walk

High wire artist Nik Wallenda
Nik Wallenda crossed the crater of the Masaya Volcano wearing pants with Skinny Brew coffee emblazoned on it. Pic credit: ABC

While Nik Wallenda walked a tightrope across the crater of the active Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua Wednesday, many viewers noticed the high wire artist’s pants had the words “Skinny Brew” emblazoned on the side.

Skinny Brew is a controversial brand of coffee that claims to help users lose weight.

It claims to burn body fat by intensifying metabolism and enhancing thermogenesis.

The brand also claims that it contains “brain-boosting nootropics” that help users to focus and concentrate.

While some users claim that Skinny Brew works, many critics described the weight loss enhancing claims as misleading.

Others took to Twitter during his tight rope walk to promote the coffee.

Nik Wallenda’s volcano walk was his longest and highest high wire act ever

Hosted by Bachelor host Chris Harrison, Nik Wallenda started the death-defying walk — broadcast on the ABC Special Volcano Live! — at 8:20 pm on Wednesday.

It took him more than 31 minutes to complete the 1,800-foot walk on a tightrope across the lava-filled crater of the 2,083 feet high Masaya Volcano, located about 12 miles south of the capital city of Managua.

The volcano last erupted in 2016.

As he walked across the crater, known as the “The Mouth of Hell,” toxic fumes rose from below and swirled around him. He wore goggles and a respirator to protect him from the fumes.

He was seen removing the goggles midway (see video below).

He greeted his family after completing the dangerous walk.

He later said he was relieved to complete the stunt safely because he encountered strong and unpredictable winds that made him nearly lose his footing.

Wallenda’s wife Erendira also performed stunts over the crater

Before Wallenda’s high wire act began last night, his wife, Erendira, also performed stunts on a hoop suspended over the mouth of the volcano.

Wallenda wore a safety harness during last lights walk

Many fans took to Twitter to voice their disappointment when they learned that Wallenda used a safety harness during his tightrope walk last night.

Some felt that wearing a harness meant that the impression given that he was performing a dangerous stunt was misleading. Some even accused him of cheating

However, Wallenda revealed in an interview with Sarasota-Herald Tribune that he had to wear a harness because ABC insisted.

But that was not the first time that Wallenda has used a safety harness while performing a high wire act.

He used a harness while walking a high wire across Times Square in June 2019 and during his crossing of the Niagara Falls in June 2012.

But he did not use a safety harness during his tightrope crossing of the Little Colorado River Gorge near the Grand Canyon in 2013.

Fans debated Wallenda’s use of a safety harness on social media, with many disapproving.

But some fans defended him.

Others daredevils have explored the Masaya Volcano

This is not the first time a daredevil risked his life over the volcano.

The explorer Sam Cossman descended into the crater in 2016, wearing a special suit that protected him from the extreme temperatures inside the crater.

While inside the crater, he installed sensors designed to help scientists predict when the volcano is about to erupt.

Friar Blas del Castillo descended into the volcano’s Nindiri crater in 1538 to investigate the belief that the lava in the crater was molten gold.

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