Nick Jonas says ‘all is good’ after baby Malti’s NICU stay

Nick Jonas at the Jumanji premiere
Nick Jonas gave a recent baby update on his daughter Malti. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Nick Jonas said his daughter Malti “is amazing” after spending the first few months of her life in the NICU.

The 29-year-old singer and his wife Priyanka Chopra welcomed Malti into the world via surrogate in January of this year. Although it may have not been the easiest journey for the celebrity duo, things have recently been going well for the family of three.

Nick Jonas says being a dad to Malti is ‘life changing’

During the ACC Golf Championship on Thursday, Nick Jonas gave a “baby update” to Entertainment Tonight after bringing his daughter home from her extended stay in the NICU post-birth.

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“It is certainly life changing,” Nick said in regards to being a new dad. “[Malti] is amazing. It brings me a lot of joy.”

“All is good,” he continued.

When it comes to being Malti’s father, Nick has surely taken the job by the reins and shared his gratitude with his followers. On Father’s Day, the Levels singer shared a photo of the two in matching sneakers – with Malti’s shoes having an “M” on each heel and Nick’s shoes reading “MM’S DAD” on the back.

“First Father’s Day with my little girl,” Nick wrote. “Thank you @priyankachopra for the incredible Father Daughter sneakers and for making me a daddy I love you so much.”

Priyanka and Nick on bringing Malti home after NICU stay

On Mother’s Day, Priyanka took to Instagram to share what she and Nick had been going through with their newborn. Although Malti was born early on in the year, she had to spend over 100 days in the hospital NICU before she was well enough to go home.

In a heartwarming post, the actress shared a photo of her and Nick sweetly holding and looking at Malti while her face was covered with a heart emoji for privacy. Priyanka reflected on the “rollercoaster” journey the two had been on and how grateful they were to have Malti finally home with them.

“On this Mother’s Day we can’t help but reflect on these last few months and the rollercoaster we’ve been on, which we now know, so many people have also experienced,” Priyanka wrote. “After 100 plus days in the NICU, our little girl is finally home.”

“Every family’s journey is unique and requires a certain level of faith, and while ours was a challenging few months, what becomes abundantly clear, in retrospect, is how precious and perfect every moment is,” she continued.

“We are overjoyed that our little girl is finally home, and just want to thank every Doctor, nurse and specialist at Rady Children’s La Jolla and Cedar Sinai, Los Angeles, who were there selflessly every step of the way.”

Although it may have been a difficult few months at first, it seems as if Priyanka and Nick are doing better than ever as they settle into life with their new daughter.

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