Netflix has a Short-A** Movies section now thanks to Pete Davidson’s SNL skit

Pete Davidson's SNL skit
Netflix added its newest film category to its platform after Pete Davidson’s SNL skit on Saturday. Pic credit: Saturday Night Live/YouTube

It’s not a belated April Fools joke – Netflix officially added a new Short-A** Movies category to its streaming platform after Saturday’s episode of SNL.

The Saturday Night Live skit, starring comedian Pete Davidson, Gunna, Simon Rex, and Chris Redd, showed the group of men rapping about their movie preferences, primarily ones that are under two hours long.

The comedy skit started off with Davidson explaining how night after night, he checks the run time of Netflix films and is only ever interested in a “short a** movie.” He went on to rap his explanation for the shorter-film preference: “Cause I’m a simple man with no attention span.”

Netflix turned Davidson’s SNL skit into a reality

Since the satirical rap number, which aired on the show this past Saturday, Netflix has officially released its own Short-A** Movies category to their platform in response.

For anyone in agreeance with Davidson’s rap when it comes to a preference for shorter movies, Netflix has turned the comedy number into a reality and actually made those films easier for their users to find by way of the bit’s catchy title.

Watch the skit from Saturday’s episode below:

Some of the shorter movies referenced in the SNL bit were The Lion King, Bad Moms, and Austin Powers, which are all under two hours long. Davidson also mentioned “long a** movies” such as Heat, which had a run-time long enough to put a room of people to sleep, and the newest 3-hour Batman film.

“I heard The Batman was great, so I went to a theater and saw it,” Davidson rapped, “I pissed my pants twice that s**t was longer than The Hobbit.”

Davidson also compared the difference in run-time for Jurassic Park and Sex and the City 2, saying how crazy it was that a movie that told the history of dinosaurs was twenty minutes shorter than a movie about four women “we already knew.”

Fans respond to Netflix’s quick addition of category title

When it comes to Netflix’s reaction to the SNL skit, users of the streaming service have taken to social media to applaud their newest title of choice.

“Netflix has a ‘Short A** Movies’ category due to the most recent SNL sketch and this list is actually fire! especially for all the short attention span ppl,” one Twitter user wrote.

Comment about Netflix's newest category
Pic credit: @relientkenny/Twitter

Another user tweeted, “shut up netflix didn’t create a short a** movies section???? pete davidson’s impact.”

Tweet about Pete Davidson's impact
Pic credit: @reginalinettis/Twitter

Twitter user Jeffrey Arnold also commented on the comedian’s impact – “Pete Davidson got Netflix to make a short a** movie section! Amazing!”

Tweet talking about Pete's impact
Pic credit: @JARhealth/Twitter

One user even mentioned how other streaming services have similar categories but prefer Netflix’s title instead. “I’ve seen similar categories on HBOMax and Hulu (and I’m pretty sure Netflix) but they called it ’90 minute movies.’ Short A** Movies sounds better, though,” @TorryYD11 wrote.

Tweet comparing Netflix to Hulu and HBOMax
Pic credit: @TorrYD11/Twitter

If you happen to be looking for a film that won’t take up too much of your time in the future, be sure to thank Pete Davidson for making it easy to navigate your way to one on Netflix.

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