Monica files for divorce from Shannon Brown: Historic cheating rumors explained

Monica, Shannon Brown. 2012 BET Awards held at The Shrine Auditorium.
Monica and Shannon Brown have called it quits. Pic credit: ©

R&B star Monica has filed for divorce from her ex-NBA star husband Shannon Brown, and now everyone wants to know why. The pair were married in 2010 and after nine years of marriage, it was reported that Monica filed to end it earlier this month in Atlanta.

According to TMZ, Monica tried but was not successful in having her divorce documents sealed. In them, it doesn’t make mention of a reason for the divorce. However, it didn’t take long for old cheating rumors to resurface online.

Monica and Shannon Scott’s marriage has been plagued by cheating rumors for years, with reports of multiple women making claims against the former Lakers player.

In 2016, there were uncorroborated claims that Shannon had been spending some time with an Instagram model, but Monica said at the time that they were still going strong.

As rumors spread that Brown wasn’t being faithful, Monica was spotted without her wedding ring. After crashing his Bentley, Shannon Brown also posted a cryptic message that many thought was related to his marriage and the cheating allegations.

However, Monica later reportedly responded to the cheating rumors, putting the original blog that shared them on blast. In the caption of a now-deleted photo, she wrote, “The last several years stories were sold & told without any truth whatsoever, our aging grandmother was called and told my brother n law was in a wreck & near death, my families lines stalked, & so on, but honestly I’ve never discussed it because I feel as entertainers we are fair game to a cruel world and new age media but I want to apologize to the family of this beautiful baby that someone used in a deceitful sick game to hurt my family. Although we had nothing to do with it I’m truly sorry your daughter was used this way… My love for children runs DEEP & I feel they’re off limits, but this sick world clearly doesn’t feel the same.. To her mother and father we are SO sorry@_piggy._ & @sneakyeats.”

The blog then issued an apology, claiming that the woman making the Shannon Brown cheating allegations was in fact a stalker and that they were sorry for even posting about them.

The actual facts behind Monica and Shannon’s divorce remain to be seen.

The pair have a 5-year old daughter together named Laiyah. They are also raising Monica’s two songs from her previous relationship with Atlanta rapper Rocko.

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